First Date Ideas

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  • SnowFemme ( 60, Lesbian / Brooklyn, NY )

    Taking a walk and stopping to have a cup of coffee or glass of wine.

  • iwuthvoice ( 22, Lesbian / Indonesia )

    I do not like walking in crowded places such as malls. maybe it would be nice if it went up the mountain, see the waterfall? :))

  • n8vesugar66 ( 50, Bisexual woman / Allen, SD )

    we will go walking around looking at the beauty and nature of the black hills, and have a nice picnic, and we will enjoy a long ride in the country, enjoying each others company, then go from there

  • nightmoon ( 39, Bisexual woman / Columbia City, IN )

    Picnic lunch an a walk after, or watch the sunset an candlelite dinner

  • KOrainbow ( 33, Lesbian / Grand Rapids, MI )

    Swings at sunset is one idea. It should be somewhere visually appealing.

  • alexis2014 ( 37, Bisexual woman / Singapore )

    Stroll at the park to talk and know each other first

  • Cynthia11998 ( 23, Bisexual woman / La Crescenta, CA )

    Just a picnic in the park or a nice walk. Nothing to crazy.

  • aqua8grll ( 57, Lesbian / Oakland, CA )

    Being out & about while getting to know each other: maybe walking at the beach or a park...maybe a great neighborhood so we could stop and get a drink and/or food.

  • shoulders50 ( 53, Lesbian / Newport, TN )

    i am not very good at this...havent been on an actual date in awhile..ready to get back into the swing of things...would love to pack a nice picnic lunch go for a drive to the mountains where i live....beautiful waterfal...  read more>>

  • Laceepooh ( 21, Lesbian / Plano, TX )

    Id love to have a picnic with my date around night time so the we can watch the sunset. After watching the sunset and eating we could go for a walk and just take about things

  • JanDavis57 ( 59, Lesbian / Harrisburg, PA )

    A) A long hike in the woods, followed by coffee & really good conversation B) Wandering through an art gallery or museum, followed by a glass of wine & really good conversation

  • PJSR88 ( 37, Lesbian / Roanoke, VA )

    I love coffee and I love being outside. I'm nervous around new people for a little bit while we are getting to know each other, so being able to walk/move around helps focus nervous energy. A good cup of coffee is the an...  read more>>

  • AryaAcier ( 25, Bisexual woman / Springfield, OH )

    A short hike on one of the local trails, maybe some lunch...

  • niebla92 ( 24, Lesbian / Houston, TX )

    Generally exploring a city, town, or any location.

  • Aprilmay ( 25, Bisexual woman / Wichita, KS )

    Maybe a walk in the park or some drinks

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