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  • li8397 ( 19, Lesbian / United Kingdom )

    fun chill sexy afternoon at home.

  • amy6030 ( 31, Lesbian / perth, Western Australia )

    Getting to know each other and communication with each other and relaxing and kissing each other

  • sandi_1992 ( 25, Lesbian / Wien, Wien )

    Spaß leben haben viel unternehmen soll sexy sein mit viel Freude daran und schöne Gefühle auch in Gruppen :)

  • bshemphill25 ( 26, Bisexual woman / Woodbridge, VA )

    Chilling and cuddling with each other.

  • dintle ( 32, Bisexual woman / heidelberg, Gauteng )

    Lol...I guess we shall see but the bedroom is the best place to know each other.

  • KayceJ ( 19, Bisexual woman / Chandler, AZ )

    Just tell me about you and I'll tell you about me.

  • Tiff88 ( 29, Bisexual woman / Winston Salem, NC )

    I like to hang out safe but fun places. My husband and I have monthly date nights and we do frequent bars, night clubs, comedy clubs and strip clubs. We would love to have a third party attend our next date night.

  • lily23 ( 19, Lesbian / Chicago, IL )

    Something fun and sexy I want to have something fun and have it be enjoyable and loving I would love to go out and have fun

  • JuJuOwais ( 21, Lesbian / Richmond, VA )

    Smoking a bong, while watching Netflix naked.

  • NickiLove34 ( 36, Bisexual woman / Greensboro, NC )

    My ideal first date would be...(depending on the season) laying outside under the stars and just getting to know each other. No preconceived ideas of what we should do... Just enjoying our time together.

  • finechinaaaaa ( 19, Bisexual woman / Union, NJ )

    I just want to be laid up in the bed, cuddling and watching movies.

  • sexyirl31 ( 33, Lesbian / Bumpass, VA )

    Someone that sexy and want to go out and have fun

  • sweetdee_19 ( 20, Bisexual woman / Fort Lauderdale, FL )

    I want it to be chill and relaxed so we can get to know each other. As long as we're having a good time all is good.😉

  • karilove ( 31, Bisexual woman / Salem, OR )

    A walk lunch or meet up for coffee

  • EmazynE ( 32, Lesbian / Tampa, FL )

    Walk along the beach. Dinner and Movie. Bowling. Netflix and Chill. Art Museum. Play.