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  • Kasommer ( 42, Lesbian / Mesa, AZ )

    Love listening to live music, but open to dinner or drinks as well.

  • misstheresa ( 31, Bisexual woman / Dallas, TX )

    We could see a show somewhere or find an open mic. Or take a cooking class. Or go thrifting ... It's whatever.

  • knowledge_1 ( 46, Lesbian / Cincinnati, OH )

    An idea first date would depend on what the lady is into and then we would go from there.......

  • L8Bloomer ( 61, Lesbian / Santa Barbara, CA )

    I have a great venue in mind for some smooth jazz - a casual yummy dinner and getting to know one another. Love red wines / but a dirty martini is awfully tasty too.

  • Qu33n1 ( 48, Bisexual woman / Friendswood, TX )

    long walk on the beach at night nice bottle of wine

  • namyo730 ( 39, Bisexual woman / Brooklyn, NY )

    A nice dinner, followed by a walk and a little dancing at a fun lounge.

  • StarStudded321 ( 30, Lesbian / Cocoa, FL )

    my first date would go something like this....first we will go out to dinner after that nice movie,then a nice long walk on the beach.

  • 4redesign2day ( 57, Lesbian / Omaha, NE )

    Spontaneous and creative works for me.

  • Teressa1987 ( 30, Bisexual woman / Sevilla, Andalucia )

    Maybe some coffee and an ice-cream in some quite nice coffee shop. But as there is no quite and nice coffee shops in Seville we can meet for a glass of spanish wine in some spanish bar.

  • sunshine007 ( 41, Bisexual woman / Bozeman, MT )

    Sushi and wine to warm up conversation. Then if all goes well find a good band and go dance!

  • CLPinky04 ( 29, Bisexual woman / Ames, IA )

    I would love to go to a good concert and maybe then hang out after!

  • kharmonylove ( 34, Lesbian / Durham, NC )

    How about we would cook a romantic dinner for the two of us, sip a little wine and get to know each other a little better.

  • Vikkii20 ( 32, Bisexual woman / Lebanon, TN )

    I dont like eating infront of people i just meet so dinner would be a NONO.. How about a nice movie or out to a bar for a drink.

  • Webhead8T8 ( 42, Lesbian / Littleton, CO )

    i would like to go to a place where we can talk and get to know each other of course...or just go have a blast and let time tell all...

  • MRSCOCO ( 26, Lesbian / Sandusky, OH )

    holding hands on the beach, romantic dinner with candles..back rubs, _dinner & a movie_anything it dosnt matter..