First Date Ideas

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  • Jeanene29 ( 33, Lesbian / New York, NY )

    First date should be easy and simple....A light drink, Coffee, or nice long walk to get the chance to see how we interact with each other....Then if we feel like we hit it off the second date will be a lot better!

  • rsmb126 ( 23, Bisexual woman / Fort Atkinson, WI )

    Going to a concert, walking along the lakefront, biking to get ice cream, walking around a museum, haha I'm up for whatever

  • Violet144 ( 37, Lesbian / Glendo, Pedernales )

    A surprise encounter that turns into a night of entertainment, even if it is just deep conversation

  • RainbowLover37 ( 25, Lesbian / Bend, OR )

    My first date wouldn't consist of a movie. I don't want to sit and watch a movie when I'd rather be getting to know you. So maybe a coffee, walk around the park, something like that. The movie idea would come later.

  • Raquel224 ( 28, Bisexual woman / Inwood, WV )

    I'm easy to please. Since I'm really just looking for friends, something fun and adventurous would be great.

  • Outlaw1117 ( 26, Lesbian / Zebulon, GA )

    We should go kayaking. Take lunch and a few beers and just paddle around chatting and getting to know each other.

  • StillSingle ( 52, Lesbian / Longview, WA )

    Walking in nature or at a cafe having some great coffee. Or both taking a walk and having coffee with talking.

  • andidandy56 ( 22, Bisexual woman / Disputanta, VA )

    I really have no idea. Anything really.

  • klovee ( 23, Lesbian / Mount Holly, NJ )

    First date would be movies, or dinner.. or just a walk in the park eating a icecream cone.

  • DCStar85 ( 31, Bisexual woman / North Las Vegas, NV )

    To me the first date is more about the connection than about the activity, but If i had to pick... I would say, starting out meeting for coffee at Starbucks or somewhere so we can get the initial conversation and getting...  read more>>

  • dvsuno ( 42, Lesbian / Los Angeles, CA )

    I'll be lying if i type the perfect perfect date. I think each date should be based person to person. Once i talk to you and see where your heads at then we can go from there.

  • Shinespruce ( 24, Lesbian / Culver City, CA )

    It does not have to be nervous and freak out on a first date. I don't want to make the mood chill and quiet.Once on a date, I think "get to know eachother" is big point of the first date. I start to chat with h...  read more>>

  • Maegirl2000 ( 22, Lesbian / Clarksville, OH )

    My first date idea would be going to a shopping center such as a mall. I'm not too big on shopping but its not so much about the shopping as much as having fun and getting to know the other person while also having those...  read more>>

  • laineybee ( 24, Bisexual woman / Carmel, IN )

    I love going to parks or open-air malls and taking pictures. Whether it's playing on the playground equipment, making shoeprints in the riverbed, or climbing trees, the park is a gorgeous place for photography. Malls are...  read more>>

  • hubrinis ( 29, Lesbian / Firenze, Toscana )

    Cappuccino and cake? Then if it's a nice day: outdoor gardens. If it's a gross day, museum!

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