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  • BykrChic ( 48, Lesbian / Knoxville, TN )

    How about we do something that you really enjoy but it must be fun and not an ordinary date place.

  • pillowprincess89 ( 41, Bisexual woman / London, England - London )

    II dunno.I've never been on a date :-( I was thinkin maybe food at mine n then play FIFA/pro evo on xbox/ps3

  • Megslivinglife ( 23, Lesbian / Thousand Oaks, CA )

    A great first date would be something sweet or romantic.I would want us to get to really know each other.

  • HardCaramel_bU ( 37, Lesbian / Somerville, NJ )

    An outdoors activity during daylight hours...your pick. If all goes well the 2nd date will be in the evening hours--my pick : )

  • SamiJo ( 26, Lesbian / Kelowna, BC )

    Pick me up in the morning to walk to a nearby Cafe for breakfast and some Hot cocoa. Take me out sightseeing to all of your favorite places in town, maybe do some shopping and make a stop for lunch. Go somewhere quite li...  read more >>

  • 45finess ( 39, Lesbian / Bronx, NY )

    Juz chill n talk get to know each other.

  • 9Sunshine ( 70, Lesbian / Bloomington, WI )

    Go for a walk, chat, go to tea shop, chat, perhaps then go the art museum and browse.

  • LoveShank ( 31, Lesbian / Salem, NJ )

    Lunch, movie, walk and talk and maybe a ton of random questions to know more about each other

  • LexiconGirl ( 23, Bisexual woman / Minot AFB, ND )

    I love quiet places like a library or cafe, where nobody will bother you, but the setting is still calm and comforable for both of us. Nothing fancy, just a cute place.

  • dollwars ( 36, Lesbian / Glen Saint Mary, FL )

    I'm not sure. It really depends on the person but anything that wecan spend some time getting to know you and have fun at the same time.

  • Jckrscn08 ( 28, Lesbian / Hillsdale, PA )

    I would be up for anything on the first date. A fun day or a night watching movies just about anything. Just something that allows us to see eachother personality and talk.

  • irishanna18_11 ( 25, Bisexual woman / Oxford, MS )

    I would love to experiment with different cooking styles, so maybe get cooking lessons while sharing things about each other.

  • lola0320 ( 26, Lesbian / Gainesville, FL )

    Probably go to the movie then we'll have a nice diner.

  • hopepeacelove ( 50, Bisexual woman / Plainview, TX )

    Probably dinner and a movie, and hopefully take the time to get to know each other

  • Sarah1187 ( 30, Lesbian / Hanover, PA )

    My ideal first date would be something simple but fun. Going for a walk, out to dinner or even grabbing a coffee.