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  • Bewize ( 52, Lesbian / Las Cruces, NM )

    What ya say we enjoy some acoustic sound under the moonlight, next to a fireplace sippen on something sassy enjoying one another.

  • theking4110 ( 24, / Jackson, GA )

    The river; on the tailgate of my truck, underneath the moon and stars.

  • babydiana12 ( 26, Lesbian / Washington, DC )

    going out to the movies playing basketball fucking

  • Maserati ( 26, Lesbian / East Hartford, CT )

    My ideal first date would be to go out to lunch or dinner. Maybe go to a sporting event or just hanging out somewhere chill.

  • Savannah928 ( 28, Lesbian / Mesquite, TX )

    out to dinner and a movie and a walk in the park.. if it to orginal give suggestions because im down for anything.

  • ShyFunnyQuitGirl ( 29, Lesbian / Hoopeston, IL )

    Just something we both can enjoy and have fun and get to know each other.

  • SaintJenny ( 23, Bisexual woman / Miami, FL )

    An intamate setting where people can really get to know one another and learn.Something like a elegant dinner or lunch at a cafe.I most enjoy strolling on the beach during a calm moonlight night where I can hear nothing...  read more >>

  • kelsey12 ( 24, Lesbian / Springfield, MO )

    I would love to go just go out to eat or maybe even go to a club then go lay out under the stars and just cuddle(:

  • CatyBearXD ( 28, Bisexual woman / Duluth, MN )

    The only real date I was on was walking around town then went to the movies, so I don't have much experience in that.

  • Caramelkiss777 ( 46, Bisexual woman / Houston, TX )

    How about Margaritas and playing pool.

  • KArsenault08 ( 28, Lesbian / Saint Marys, GA )

    An ideal first date for me would be to do something fun, for example maybe go to an arcade and just play games, or go for a hike. Or one of my personal favorites, visit the local aquarium or zoo! Then afterwords we could...  read more >>

  • sweets2daheart ( 31, Bisexual woman / Chicago, IL )

    Is meeting up going to Roscoe's tavern to go dancing and eat at subway at 4am :) lol. Or we could just go half on a bag n bottle and just chillax and or go wild ;). I'm open to anything :)

  • KytKatastrophe ( 23, Lesbian / Perryville, AR )

    something really fun at night that takes place outsoude c: that's all.

  • chevchev ( 26, Bisexual woman / Bennington, VT )

    i just want an actual date to remember. but also one that we both will never forget.

  • Anna_B ( 26, Lesbian / Tauranga, Rotorua )

    My ideal first date????? doesn't really matter what im doing as long as its good company.