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  • Renney ( 66, / Denver, CO )

    Cofffee, a walk in a commercial neighborhood where there are lots of observations to be made. I'm a little shy at first, but not for long. Downtown Denver, Chicago, Dublin, Santa Fe...

  • adventureseeker ( 45, Lesbian / Middletown, RI )

    Very casual! If you have a dog, maybe we can get together for a doggie playdate or meet up for a drink / coffee.

  • Newbie_Cyclist ( 50, Lesbian / Roseville, CA )

    Something fun and low-key would be a great way to get to know you. Lunch and a casual stroll, with a cup of coffee and plenty of time to chat in a relaxed setting. Or, something more active -- a group moonlit snowshoe hi...  read more >>

  • Blueisbeach ( 56, Lesbian / Greensboro, NC )

    How about a walk in the park...

  • C8theGr8_90 ( 28, Lesbian / Coos Bay, OR )

    It really depends on the person. Something that goes well with what they like to do. I am a very romantic person, so probably with a rose in hand, i would pick the beautiful woman up and take her out to dinner then a rom...  read more >>

  • Earthdyke ( 59, Lesbian / Santa Cruz, CA )

    For me, a perfect first date would include a walk/hike with conversation- on the beach, Wilder Ranch- maybe you know of another place? A bike ride with a stop for coffee, or tea, and maybe a bite to eat would also be coo...  read more >>

  • Ren1992 ( 25, Lesbian / Toledo, OH )

    Going to a park and just hanging out and getting to know each other. =)

  • rose_ar ( 27, Bisexual woman / Winter Park, FL )

    Oooh first date. Those are always fun. adventure. I've always wanted to do this: Get on a bus/ride bike, end up wherever we fancy or get lost around the city on bike. Find some interesting place to eat, and some...  read more >>

  • Kristen77 ( 26, Bisexual woman / Big Rapids, MI )

    I am very into nature, so maybe a nice easy hike, or something more challenging if you're up to it! Dinner after or lunch before?

  • LoveYouOutLoud ( 26, Lesbian / Saint Louis, MO )

    I make you a homemade dinner and then we go down to the river for a moon lit walk. We find a tree to sit under and talk and get to know one another.

  • hdh1973 ( 44, Lesbian / York, PA )

    Depends on the weather. If its nice, mini golf or a walk in the park. If its not so nice outside then maybe bowling or shooting pool. Anything we can agree on as long as we can talk and get to know each other.

  • Orchidlady57 ( 61, Lesbian / Daytona Beach, FL )

    There are several possibilities for a first date but I like the idea of taking a nice walk on the beach followed up by drinks and/or dinner someplace.

  • Ydnic67 ( 50, Lesbian / San Jacinto, CA )

    Meet at a coffee shop or a street fair.

  • Jessica189 ( 27, Bisexual woman / Cut Off, LA )

    Going have a nice walk on the beach

  • smokinpen9uin ( 30, Lesbian / Lake City, FL )

    well the first date would honestly depend on what kind of chemistry i was feeling between my potential date and i. i enjoy outdoor dates a lot though. on a first date though interaction is important so you can get to kno...  read more >>