First Date Ideas

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  • ptotheriley ( 35, Lesbian / Tulsa, OK )

    My idea of a good first date is playing video games and having ice cream-great ice breaker!

  • FeralGargoyle ( 34, / Los Angeles, CA )

    I'm all about low-pressure first dates. Want to meet up at the comic shop? Chilll at the bookstore? Grab a bite to eat? Keep each other company in the lines at Disneyland? Casual and quiet enough to hold a conversation i...  read more>>

  • ChristinaSnape ( 26, Lesbian / Red Deer, AB )

    Anything and everything. Something different and fun, followed by some quiet time to get to know each other better, or dinner or a coffee.

  • RayRay2011 ( 58, / San Bernardino, CA )

    Something that will afford us an opportunity to get to know each other better and we'll plan it so that we have time to do anything we spontaneously choose to do afterwards, like catch the sunset at the beach! : )

  • Lorie43138 ( 46, Lesbian / Logan, OH )

    A walk at Cantwell Cliffs, a canoe trip, a quick coffee at the local pub

  • SunShineAZ ( 43, Lesbian / Phoenix, AZ )

    Got a baseball bat - we can hit the batting cage, got clubs - we can hit some balls at the driving range. Then after a lots of laughs we can grab a bite to eat at a nice patio cafe and talk the afternoon away. Maybe you...  read more>>

  • irenitapink ( 32, Lesbian / Cádiz, Andalucia )

    a walk.. so we can talk, an ice-cream (sexy!) a car ride (I love women riding a car) and some game at the arcade can be fun!

  • gracie2011 ( 73, Lesbian / Edwardsburg, MI )

    Dinner at a nice restaurant ..convenient to both of us.

  • The_walrus0 ( 25, Bisexual woman / Anchorage, AK )

    I love movies, and I think a really nice date would be going to eat and then seeing a movie. It's probably overdone, but it's comfortable and casual. Another great first date could be getting a coffee or soda and taking...  read more>>

  • XenaGabbyROC ( 42, Lesbian / Schererville, IN )

    Walk along the lake front, in a park, or casually walking around the city. Having lunch/dinner in a park/ a casual restaurant. I like surprises... so whatever you have in mind would be fine with me.

  • wildcat45 ( 50, Lesbian / Portland, OR )

    First dates can be anything. Meet up at a local coffee place or lunch or walk or dinner or anything. If we click its an endless wonder of where we may end up.....I do love the beach and a whole lot more.

  • wenikii ( 51, Lesbian / Jacksonville, FL )

    Let's make it a day date and go putt putt golf. that way we can laugh and play and get to know each other.

  • spoon17 ( 40, Lesbian / Slatington, PA )

    I can have fun doing anything... the key is i have to be having fun or I don't want to be doing anything! I like your normal dinner and a movie date but also enjoy an amusement park or river rafting trip. I'd much rather...  read more>>

  • alayna ( 25, Lesbian / Poway, CA )

    somewhere casual where its easy to talk and get to know each other. nothing too high pressure

  • 18yroldme ( 24, Lesbian / Calgary, AB )

    My ideal first date would be to meet at a cafe and then go for a walk through Prince's Island and along the river. Just spend time talking & getting to know each other. Then maybe go for a light dinner.

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