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  • Ashlynchewy ( 19, Lesbian / Orem, UT )

    I make you food. OR we go somewhere with a nice view where we can just talk and such. Picnic and all, haha. I'm old and basic.

  • Shawdd_ ( 22, Bisexual woman / Silver Spring, MD )

    I'm Open To Suggestions. So Anything Or Anywhere You Wanna Go, I'm Down. We Don't Have To Spend Money.

  • chelshubbs ( 21, Bisexual woman / Danielson, CT )

    I honestly am up for anything. I love adventure.

  • marilenaaa ( 22, Bisexual woman / Canton, OH )

    I'm literally down for anything!!

  • chynaDoll23 ( 31, Bisexual woman / Las Vegas, NV )

    Just wanna have fun somewhere we can talk and have fun at the same time

  • GunGirl ( 42, Lesbian / Lewisville, TX )

    A perfect first date might include going shooting or kayaking or hiking followed by getting dressed up for dinner at a Japanese hibachi and sushi.

  • CountryGirl94 ( 23, Lesbian / Murfreesboro, TN )

    I'd take you out to eat(whoever you are) the drive to the country side to a drive in movie and lay in the bed of the truck and watch a movie and talk about anything and everything

  • TaylorAnn ( 21, Bisexual woman / Fairfield, PA )

    Hanging out, spontaneous activities, getting to know one another.

  • ashlizzle ( 26, Bisexual woman / High Ridge, MO )

    It sounds lame, but star gazing or put put golf. Maybe an arcade. Anything but a movie.

  • sinfglebev ( 28, Lesbian / Chicago, IL )

    The typical restaurant or movie is fine. I'm open to anything.

  • TianaCC ( 19, Lesbian / Oklahoma City, OK )

    I would love to roam the town and come home and cuddle to scary movies until we fall asleep ❤️

  • BrieIDeb ( 21, Bisexual woman / Westland, MI )

    I really don't a first idea date because everybody likes to do different things but I'm pretty much down for whatever.

  • sexybbwrosie ( 27, Bisexual woman / El Cajon, CA )

    Bowling, or movie. Hangout out after and get to know each other better. Kiss at the end of the night. Hopefully a second date :)

  • beau_dayful ( 21, Bisexual woman / Durham, NC )

    I love to get away and explore! Especially new places

  • beccahund ( 19, Bisexual woman / Butler, PA )

    my idea of a first date is cuddling, watching netflix, eating pizza, and booty grabbing.