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  • baby3146 ( 37, Lesbian / Pasadena, TX )

    I love going to movies and parks. I'm not all bout clubs I can have fun doing other things.

  • MalikaMustang ( 27, Bisexual woman / Anchorage, AK )

    I like things that involve food. Coffee and lunch are good options, since they're "no-pressure" sorts of places, and apparently I am intense...if you like Mexican, and don't mind extreme casual, I know where we...  read more >>

  • myxed_beauty ( 32, Lesbian / Philadelphia, PA )


  • casperstud ( 27, Lesbian / Fort Worth, TX )

    A long walk in the park talking and getting to know each other

  • Tinkbabi2000 ( 29, Lesbian / Elon, NC )

    Not a movie.... We can't talk! Coffe house, lunch or breakfast!! The park is always quite enough for consation or come to my house and we can get a bottle of wine and I will cook!

  • Nadia2913 ( 27, Lesbian / Brooklyn, NY )

    The perfect date to me would be after a month or of talking on the phone and emailing I get surprised at work for a nice lunch out. Maybe a picnic in the park sitting on thr grass watching the generations have fun

  • daisybluemoon ( 55, Lesbian / Chicago, IL )

    My first date ideal would be lunch on a sunny afternoon, or dinner and dancing.

  • tizzymay ( 55, Lesbian / London, England - London )

    Greek taverna; fairy lights twinkling all around; authentic music, happy atmosphere; delicious, fresh food; good conversation and a warm breeze with a stunning view of a beautiful sunset. Corny maybe, but try it, you may...  read more >>

  • Babygirl3137 ( 25, Bisexual woman / Edison, NJ )

    My first date idea is a walk in the park or even a nice lunch/dinner.

  • RitaLuvs ( 54, Lesbian / Pleasanton, CA )

    l'll pack a picnic lunch and meet you for coffee/tea at a cafe near the beach in the late morning. We'll talk until our nerves are settled then head out for a long walk taking in the sun and listening to the waves in the...  read more >>

  • shawniboo ( 24, Bisexual woman / Moundsville, WV )

    FOR my first date idea i would love something simple like lunch or dinner somewhere close to my home somewhere public so we both th feel safe somewhere we can talk and just get to know eachother better

  • Lilsexy05 ( 31, Lesbian / Livingston, TX )

    It really dont matter just long as they dont get crazy

  • Snoopy4 ( 78, Lesbian / Fort Lauderdale, FL )

    Go to a nice dinner, or, play, some place where the two of us can talk, get to know each other, Listen to what the person really is passionate about in life, what makes them happy. What their family is like, talk to them...  read more >>

  • rsta002 ( 36, Lesbian / Pretoria, Gauteng )

    a night out table for two, and take a long walk by the beach

  • nevaeh2012 ( 74, Lesbian / Fort Lauderdale, FL )

    A casual breakfast or brunch or lunch at an agreed upon place.