First Date Ideas

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  • ZeeMama ( 38, Lesbian / Portage, IN )

    Meeting at a restaurant for some good drinks and food and conversation. Taking a walk and getting to know each other. Any place where conversation can flow freely and comfortably.

  • foxyfox ( 54, Lesbian / Philadelphia, PA )

    Lunch at a nice park, out for a morning walk and a glass of oj lol, at the mall maybe meet on the drive to bike ride , just meet in our cars to say hello and short conversation

  • UntouchableSwagg ( 40, Lesbian / Atlanta, GA )

    My first date would be lunch and a movie..........

  • lick12blowpop1 ( 26, Bisexual woman / Hyattsville, MD )

    GGoodgood head good fun funny smart

  • Msvampireninja ( 22, Bisexual woman / Melbourne, Victoria )

    Bubble Tea and Lunch at a shopping centre. Everyone loves food. Conversation and getting to know each other is good and all too. Maybe just staring at them for a bit, if their like super pretty or something.... ha ha ha

  • justbemine ( 49, Lesbian / Trowbridge, England - Wiltshire )

    My first date would be to meet up and go somewhere nice for dinner maybe and get to know each other some....

  • darkfire1993 ( 22, Lesbian / Ithaca, NY )

    A simple dinner, not fast food but someplace like Subway or Friendlys. Then a movie and a walk in the park.

  • thicknwet28 ( 33, Bisexual woman / Salisbury, MD )

    Good personality clean thick pretty smile

  • silver0511 ( 39, Lesbian / Tacoma, WA )

    My ideal first date is a nice dinner and a walk along the beach....

  • daniel2010 ( 43, Bisexual woman / Rogersville, TN )

    Well first date would be what I consider the norm, maybe lunch or a nice dinner. I choose this because I want to get to know you and you me in an atmospheric environment that allows for one on one interaction to make sur...  read more>>

  • Fshelton ( 32, Bisexual woman / Fort Worth, TX )

    Talk and get to know each other just.have fun and enjoy each other company

  • pdmchat ( 65, Lesbian / Phoenix, AZ )

    After chatting a bit on line, let's meet for a cup of coffee or an ice cream and chat in person.

  • teejay2282 ( 34, Lesbian / Allentown, PA )

    On a first date, I would like to do something where we can spend time getting to know each other. Maybe to lunch and then a walk in the park..

  • Josieli ( 26, Lesbian / Perth, Western Australia )

    Going out for sushi / chinese and then getting an ice coffee. Then a nice walk around the city, maybe sitting and talking at a park in the city? :)

  • LiatCNYC ( 42, Lesbian / New York, NY )

    I have not been on a date in years. I think the ideal place would be anywhere we could talk.

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