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  • TwilightAlice ( 26, Lesbian / Fort Leonard Wood, MO )

    Dinner then a movie back at my place and possibly cuddling up in my bed

  • lovelylady7097 ( 47, Lesbian / Burlington, IA )

    my first date would be to go to the beach and have a table in the sand table cloth candles a radio and wine or champaign and talk thru out the night listen to the waves hit the beach look at the stars look into their eye...  read more >>

  • Countrygirl2017 ( 46, / Byron, GA )

    Do the tradiitional thing..a nice walk in the park just talking....a nice dinner and a movie of her choice..

  • Lainey1962 ( 55, Lesbian / Leicester, England - Leicestershire )

    maybe a meal and a drink or cinema if preffered by the lady i meet? or even a quiet night in ?

  • makeitmelt ( 55, Bisexual woman / Knoxville, TN )

    I'd like to meet somewhere that we'll both be comfortable. : )

  • santana10 ( 28, Bisexual woman / Cincinnati, OH )

    On a beach with the sun setting.

  • redpeach ( 29, Bisexual woman / Opelousas, LA )

    just to get to know each other see if we r on the same road in life.

  • Sam0924 ( 28, Lesbian / Minot AFB, ND )

    Anything we could do where we would actually be able to talk would be perfect.

  • jaypg91 ( 27, Bisexual woman / Singapore )

    The beach would be a great idea. Maybe a simple dinner before that? Would be better if we could do things together like roller-blading, etc.

  • annabella2011 ( 31, Lesbian / milano, Lombardia )

    how abt wehave a candlelight dinner, talk a walk in the beach at night. have a hot sexy hydro massage bath together.

  • marvalous ( 47, / Cayce, SC )

    Any public place would be nice. Im open with my life style, are you?

  • redrosedbeauty24 ( 30, Bisexual woman / Ocala, FL )

    I like what i see in the movies, the mushy gushy , but that's not reality LoL! Take me to the beach && lets get it on LoL jk! No but seriously, just a nice day at a more private beach just hanging out :) .

  • RayRay65 ( 52, Lesbian / Brooklyn, NY )

    I'll have to leave that open for now.. Reason being...Everyone is different.. So I'll have to get to know you first so i can find out what you like...

  • rainbowlove2012 ( 39, Bisexual woman / Fort Worth, TX )

    Honestly any place to have fun. I would love to hear your ideas, but here are mine... Bowling is a great idea! Unless you are on a bowling league, which is cool, you probably play as much as I do. We can have our own tab...  read more >>

  • Sweet_Sugar ( 38, Bisexual woman / Milford, MI )

    I love going out to eat somewhere nice and hang out somewhere special, like the park as the sun sets or somewhere else quiet to learn more about each other.