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  • dreababyxoxoxo ( 21Lesbian / Fort Lauderdale, FL )


    Movie lunch or dinner dancing just having a nice time

  • sheisheirj ( 38Bisexual woman / Rio de janeiro, Rio de Janeiro )


    In a quiet place where I can talk and listen to the other person. It can be a beach, a park, restaurant

  • zencast ( 49Lesbian / Orlando, FL )


    How about lets go catch a late night movie, we'll take our own

  • lababygirl1 ( 37 / Puerto Rico )


  • AGibson ( 20Lesbian / Galesburg, IL )


    Definitely doing a dinner and movie. Then if it's going smooth, a nice car ride around in the country.

  • Truly_Blessed ( 27Lesbian / Fayetteville, NC )


    My idea for a first date would be to have a nice lunch date and catch a movie or we can go for a walk and get to know one another to see if we share the same interest.

  • Kaycee101 ( 23Lesbian / Tuscaloosa, AL )


    Hmmm definitely in a public place and somewhere nice. Dinner and a movie... easy. That's just the first.. future dates would be much more 'out there's.

  • PetraSoft ( 38Bisexual woman / Puebla, Puebla )


    m primera cita sin duda serìaen un espacio abierto, en donde haya naturaleza para estar relajada y platicar, después ir a comer

  • mcclain ( 21Lesbian / Houston, TX )


    it can be anywhere doesn't matter to me at all. but texting is good for me on internet.

  • MzLovely1 ( 20Lesbian / Chicago, IL )


    Walk downtown or out 2 eat at a good place or 2 da movies or my place or dere

  • jennylovesall ( 22Lesbian / San Jacinto, CA )


    My first date is going to dinner at a Chinese food place, then going to a drive in movie

  • singlestud5 ( 20Lesbian / Lufkin, TX )


    im a nice person to get along with

  • lindy1552 ( 21Bisexual woman / Richmond Hill, NY )


    My first date idea is just having fun

  • Katt420 ( 21Lesbian / Perris, CA )


    Hanging out anywhere, movies park, beach

  • SexyKatL ( 20Lesbian / Cleveland, OH )


    The perfect first date must have food and a movie involved. I enjoy all types of movies from romantic comedies to horror. Depending how I feel towards my date, maybe her and I would end up hooking up on the first date  more>>

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