First Date Ideas

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  • JennyHu ( 26, Lesbian / Las Vegas, NV )

    Nothing , just wanna make friends

  • caguena ( 52, Lesbian / Clifton, NJ )

    My first date would be at either a coffee shop or a casual restaurant for a light lunch where we can hold a conversation and get to know a little bit about each other. Keeping it simple and casual is my preference.

  • shon225 ( 31, Lesbian / Lutcher, LA )

    Anywhere it don't matter to me as long as we have fun

  • Mamathunder ( 56, Lesbian / Los Angeles, CA )

    Can agree to meet at a mutual location

  • Spiderwomanjz ( 49, Lesbian / Phoenix, AZ )

    Meet at a Starbucks in Barnes & Nobles, walk around and browse the books until we find one that we would or/have read and share it with the other over a cup of tea

  • Dflambert ( 52, Lesbian / Long Beach, CA )

    Going out to a mutually agreed upon venue to connect and get to know one another, have something to eat/drink, take a walk and be in each other's space.

  • teocda ( 36, Lesbian / Romania )

    Someplace we can chat and get to know each other a little.

  • AishaRK ( 23, Lesbian / Anaheim, CA )

    For the first date, let's keep it light-hearted! A simple chat over coffee/tea/boba would be nice.

  • Newlover2001 ( 21, Bisexual woman / Amarillo, TX )

    Go to get coffee get mine paid for and just flirt and Hold hands and look into eachothers eyes and at the end Kiss on my front porch💕

  • HockeyGirl151 ( 21, Bisexual woman / Minneapolis, MN )

    What can I say? I'm not too crazy about a full-on lunch or dinner as a first date, but going out for coffee sounds marvelous. Plus, I'm a college student, so I'm slightly addicted.

  • tmarie505 ( 55, Bisexual woman / Madison, WI )

    Would you like to join me for a Green Tea Latte and browse the aisles of books and music?

  • RamenGirl ( 37, Lesbian / Dayton, OH )

    Coffee shop, parks...somewhere good for conversation.

  • CapricornGal ( 50, Lesbian / Tempe, AZ )

    Our first date would be at a cafe, enjoying coffe/tea, talking and getting to know one another.

  • GenkiGal ( 39, Bisexual woman / Modesto, CA )

    First dates, for me, are kind of a chance to dip my toe in the proverbial water. The biggest things for me are sharing common interests (or at least finding the other person's interests to be interesting to me) and to ha...  read more>>

  • Angel1980100 ( 50, Lesbian / St Catharines, ON )

    I don't have a favorite place where I lived just moved here in June of this year so I say one place might be Tim Hortons for Coffee and conservation to get to know each other durning the day if it was evening hours for d...  read more>>

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