First Date Ideas

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  • Shan21 ( 45, Lesbian / Richwood, OH )

    depends on who im going out with and what they would enjoy someplace where we could talk and get to know eachother would be nice

  • SimplyShaina ( 21, Lesbian / Saint Paul, MN )

    I think a great first date would be having lunch or dinner, or simply meeting in a public space just to get to know each other.

  • cynvet ( 54, Lesbian / El Paso, TX )

    Dinner and then a quiet place to be able to talk.

  • didiken ( 25, Lesbian / El Paso, TX )

    dinner then we will see how it goes from there.

  • SexyDiva2002 ( 43, Lesbian / Schaumburg, IL )

    The place I love to go on a date is Texas Road House. It's nothing like a nice steak

  • reneete ( 21, Bisexual woman / Singapore )

    Anything with food and without awkwardness, haha.

  • Lyric2413 ( 22, Lesbian / Lynchburg, VA )

    Hmmmm I really am not going to put that idea out there. I like to suprise

  • prettyboi67 ( 28, Lesbian / San Antonio, TX )

    hmmm..well it be a suprize and once get to know u id pick somwhere u never been or sommwhere romantic old fashion so its always anadventure

  • Destinymonique ( 21, Lesbian / Windsor Mill, MD )

    We would go out to eat probably at a little cozy off the beaten path restaurant, we would talk and hopefully laugh and get a feel for who the toothed person is then if things went well we would go somewhere for dessert

  • VenusDoom ( 23, Bisexual woman / Forest City, NC )

    We'd have a nice date, just us. We'd talk and get to know each other. I'd order the blackened chicken alfredo and eat my salad. We would talk and laugh, I hope. I can't go without talking about my kids so I would tell yo  more>>

  • Racheldunn20 ( 23, Lesbian / Butler, OK )

    What ever she wanted to do is fine with me! :) if I had to chose it would probably be something romantic but yet fun! Where we can bond on both levels :)

  • sunshyne83 ( 32, Lesbian / Las Vegas, NV )

    i love trying new exciting things my ideal first date is a nice dinner where we can have a conversation to get to know each other.

  • vhiller ( 21, Lesbian / Milford, CT )

    I'd take her out to a restaurant of her favorite kind of food, then go out to do something fun and more relaxed like bowling. mini golf, games, etc.

  • Snyder4569 ( 39, Lesbian / Winston Salem, NC )

    A nice dinner and a walk in the park .

  • lonely43 ( 46, Lesbian / Logan, OH )

    I would like to make that choice together so we both like the place and food 50/50 is the best way in many ways.

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