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  • Tamato (19Lesbian/Lawndale, CA)


    Depending on who this girl is possible date scenarios may include; going to the park or beach for a picnic and an outdoor game, or going to a small cafe or coffee shop. It all varies you see, just as long as we're not; i  more>>

  • Z_Baby (20Bisexual woman/Tacoma, WA)


    I dont care what we do. I like romantic things but its also the thought that counts.

  • 93ashgre (21Lesbian/Garland, TX)


    My first date can be anywhere, I don't care. Just as long as with that somebody. Yea, I like the fancy things in life, but I am a simple girl who just wants to get to know you.

  • TheGypsyStag (19Lesbian/Albuquerque, NM)


    Could we watch bad movies at the dollar theater? Maybe we could go have pizza at Mario's? Maybe we could just go to a bunch of fun shops or the mall? Maybe we could go to an art exhibit?

  • Renee692000 (20Bisexual woman/Ellenwood, GA)


    Anywhere is fine. I'm not picky, very open. Distance isn't a major problem, but let's get carried away.

  • FreyasGirl (33Bisexual woman/Brantford, ON)


    Wow, there are so many to choose from, I hate these little boxes and labels. How about "we'll see"?

  • just_een (25Lesbian/Tucson, AZ)


    Down for anything as long as we have a.good time!

  • LipBiter (24Bisexual woman/Stillwater, NY)


    first date ideal...depends on who i am with! the date will be chosen depending on what kind of things we both like to do! buuut there has got to be snuggling so i can determine whether we are compatible snuggle bunnies  more>>

  • Khaggar (20Bisexual woman/Raleigh, NC)


    Anything from just walking and talking to grabbing lunch or seeing a movie. Something where we could talk for a while and maybe go cuddle up and see a move sounds ideal to me.

  • Nolabellove1 (25Lesbian/Sacramento, CA)


    I'd ask you if you had 3 wishes for the day what they'd be and then i'd work on making those wishes come true...

  • Strider (21Bisexual woman/Aldrich, MO)


    To be honest I am not sure, their are a few places around here. A nice cafe and horse fest is coming up in march. I usually say movie nights at home are best, or if you ride take you out riding. I'm just not big on going  more>>

  • Beauti0311 (21Lesbian/Lagrange, GA)


    I am not a picky kinda person i enjoy simple things but im always up for something that is expected for a first date.

  • Mookiie26 (27Lesbian/Los Angeles, CA)


    Whatever the lady wants as long as I can afford it.

  • iridescence (25Lesbian/Ankara, Ankara)


    I love surprises. Likewise, I love surprising others, at least when I know they'll appreciate it. If you're a little shy or just not a big fan of surprises, don't worry - I don't have a problem with the classic "lets hav  more>>

  • Msanders1991 (22Lesbian/Anderson, SC)


    A first date is suppose to be fun and different. It's suppose to keep your date smiling the whole time and if its a fun date then there is no awkwardness. Fun first dates...hmmm... Taking her ice skating, Going to a conc  more>>

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