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  • TheArtist1999 ( 52, Lesbian / Seattle, WA )

    A drink in a place tucked underneath Pike's Place Market. A show afterward that will be right across the street with dinner.

  • cocreatejoy ( 61, Lesbian / Amherst, MA )

    Let's pick a restaurant we both like, and relax and schmooze...

  • 4dagame ( 53, Lesbian / West Palm Beach, FL )

    How about we get to know one another have a dinner date and see where it goes from there.

  • amina_m ( 31, Lesbian / London, England - London )

    I am a bit of a foodie, so I think it would be fun to enjoy each others company over some good grub.

  • Atrinita32a ( 34, Lesbian / Biloxi, MS )

    Experiencing a cooking class together.

  • crystalizedawnn ( 37, Lesbian / Newport News, VA )

    We would go to a local museum in the afternoon and then go to one of my favorite tapas bars...ive never had anything there I did not like. The food is prepared to not be the focus and allow awesome conversations just flo...  read more >>

  • kane80 ( 37, Lesbian / Chicago, IL )

    I'll make you a nice dinner and we can go out afterward

  • wam882002 ( 29, Lesbian / Key West, FL )

    I love to try new foods, so I will eat anywhere.

  • QueEnvy30 ( 35, Lesbian / Decatur, GA )

    I would like to take someone to the park, or to the lake,, or to a art place and then ou to dinner for we can get to know each other alil more

  • BeautyRUs ( 27, Lesbian / Baltimore, MD )

    I love to dance so my First Ideal Date would Take My Date Out Dancing Class, then Do Specific Activites After The Day Almost Ended Have a Candle Light Dinner Around The Fire Pit With Short Movie.

  • whitter24 ( 28, Lesbian / Evansville, WI )

    I love trying new things! I like to be surprised about dinner. But if I could imagine my ultimate date would be being surpised with a romantic dinner. Not even candles. But a remote location that isn't crowded and loud s...  read more >>

  • lonely_stud2000 ( 32, Lesbian / San Antonio, TX )

    My ideal first date would be something like Dave & Busters but spread throughout the night. First dinner, but nothing too fancy. Then a stop at an arcade, or game park for a little fun. After that, end up at a bar for a...  read more >>

  • DirtyyD ( 28, Lesbian / Vista, CA )

    Somewhere we can actually get to know each other. Something fun

  • Shotta ( 32, / Richmond, VA )

    Could be anything, but something to never forget.

  • Lauren724 ( 31, Lesbian / Richmond, VA )

    My first date idea is to have a meal together. somewhere low key if all goes well, then go to a movie or to a bar and have a drink. Somehting to do to get to know one another. A night full of questions, answers and laugh...  read more >>