First Date Ideas

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  • Dibbs2341 ( 22, Lesbian / Maidstone, England - Kent )

    Screw awkward candle light dinners.... My idea is stuff face with chocolate and watchable ridiculous movie

  • boothng69 ( 32, Bisexual woman / Morrilton, AR )

    DDinner at ur choice of place along with deserrt an followed by a long walk getting to knw each other better and thn maybe a movie or whtever u wud lke to do its about pleasing u girl..f

  • StephanieNiccole ( 28, Bisexual woman / Duluth, GA )

    I love sweets so going on a first date to grab ice cream or possibly meeting up at a bakery to grab cupcakes sounds well... Sweet :).

  • Imjustaj ( 21, Lesbian / Virginia Beach, VA )

    food and talking always a good idea so it doesn't matter the place aslong as we are talking

  • Goddess3331P ( 31, Lesbian / Henderson, NV )

    Wine, Dessert & Good Company would be fabulous!

  • ne2942928 ( 48, Lesbian / Texarkana, TX )

    I only like chocolate ice cream.

  • Manders2ne1 ( 23, Bisexual woman / Salem, OR )

    I would enjoy going out for coffee, bubble tea, or food (I am willing to try most foods at least once) and maybe doing some window shopping or going on a walk in the park afterwards. I like to have the chance to talk and  more>>

  • Cynthia_Lovely ( 21, Lesbian / Commerce, TX )

    To me my ideal date would be for us to have a dinner and a movie date. Very casual but sometimes i would love to go to a art gallery and see what there really like.

  • unicoco ( 22, Lesbian / Alpharetta, GA )

    Maybe going to a cafe or an amusement park would be fun! Or even going out for ice cream.

  • sexything22 ( 25, Bisexual woman / Killeen, TX )

    How about we cuddle up on the couch talk smoke drink or whatever you may enjoy and just talk spend time and then if you still wanna do something else then we can do that too!!!

  • Summertime_fly88 ( 28, Bisexual woman / Phoenix, AZ )

    I would like a Romantic picnic on the beach with so wine & strawberries as the menu I would like the blanket with rose all on it I don't always been the type of date I want

  • JasmineL ( 25, Lesbian / Belmont, MA )

    I would prefer to hear what you suggest first!

  • Monique222000 ( 26, Bisexual woman / Cashion, AZ )

    Feeling compatible and having fun Getting to know one another

  • Bella19 ( 22, Bisexual woman / Columbia, SC )

    idk i guess anything that includes making me laugh is ok

  • owlafterdark ( 50, Bisexual woman / Galloway, OH )

    Coffee, ice cream, a movie, perhaps? I have pretty standard date ideas... I'm open to others!

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