First Date Ideas

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  • Blessed1 ( 31, Lesbian / Jacksonville, FL )

    I like to break the ice by first going out for a drinks.... talking seeing if we have anything in common. ..

  • ByDefault24 ( 54, Lesbian / Aiken, SC )

    Cocktails, dinner to loosen up and a nice walk to end the evening

  • smudgee81 ( 36, Lesbian / Loves Park, IL )

    I'm pretty easy going when it comes to first dates

  • Chichi2001 ( 37, Bisexual woman / Montreal, QC )

    Anything .. the world is our baby ;)

  • amber408sj ( 26, Lesbian / San Jose, CA )

    dont have a date location i like to try new places new ideas new memories

  • FOREVERAP ( 34, Lesbian / Desoto, TX )

    Somewhere where we can talk, laugh and get to know each other. Maybe a bar, park or just something random

  • Honeywett ( 32, Bisexual woman / Huntsville, AL )

    Nightclub dark corner holding that special someone in the club slow grinding on the dance floor next. Kissing while I correct ur body my way etc....

  • 2012Madison ( 23, Bisexual woman / Mount Vernon, IA )

    How about we meet at a local coffee shop and get to know each other? If it's nice we could also do a little nature exploring.

  • LeTigre2013 ( 34, Lesbian / Stroudsburg, PA )

    I'm not picky. As long as its fun and not creepy.

  • WaspLiz ( 45, Bisexual woman / Weston-super-Mare, England - Somerset )

    Drinks, loosens the tongue, allows people to lose their inhibitions and sometimes shows more of themselves than when they're cautiously sober

  • gildedlouie ( 30, Lesbian / Seattle, WA )

    Let's grab a drink and get to know each other.

  • lovelycat ( 33, Bisexual woman / Manistee, MI )

    I would go to a public place have dinner so we can get to know each other more .

  • Luckytucky ( 53, Lesbian / Portsmouth, England - Hampshire )

    Would like to go for a coffee or drinks somewhere quiet. Don't want to have to shout above noise. Then maybe go for a nice walk.

  • HowdyGurl12 ( 46, Lesbian / Houston, TX )

    Drinks or coffee - somewhere quiet where we could have a conversation and get to know each other better.

  • LolaRay1978 ( 38, Lesbian / Tucson, AZ )

    Dinner and good conversion then a drink with good music and maybe play some pool.