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  • lucky_duckling87 ( 30, Lesbian / Fairfax, VA )

    drive in movies, dinner and stroll.

  • Rosalina ( 30, Bisexual woman / Germany )

    I love my partner to be romantic,caring,sexy in bed to be good to me and love me the way l am

  • TiphaXavier ( 24, Lesbian / Southfield, MI )

    Movies, Dinner, then just spending time walking around outside talking.

  • cperry92 ( 25, Bisexual woman / Branson, MO )

    Watch movies cuddle up chat and see wat happens we could probley play if u want to I'f not We could just chat n.hang out

  • Yoruichi7581 ( 36, Bisexual woman / Savannah, GA )

    I'm very shy so the movies would be nice. Not on opening night. I prefer to wait until the movie has been out a couple of days so we could have a more private viewing and not be disturbed by other viewers.

  • Mss_Booth ( 41, Lesbian / Hattiesburg, MS )

    My first date I would love to go the movies , you know or maybe the mall we can walk around get to know each other better <3

  • xxxxhottiexxxx ( 24, Lesbian / Rancho Santa Margarita, CA )

    A good movie... Any other ideas let me know.

  • Superstar66 ( 24, Bisexual woman / Copperas Cove, TX )

    Movies maybe? Go get icrecream, go skating

  • swee20002000 ( 32, Bisexual woman / Victoria Island, Lagos )

    I'll love to go to d movies for my first date so that I can get to knw d person better.

  • kerrygold ( 32, Bisexual woman / London, England - London )

    Prob do lunch then maybe take a movie later

  • prettygirl236 ( 28, Bisexual woman / Elmira, ON )

    I would go to the movies and then dinner or stay at home curled up on the couch watching movies and making dinner at home.

  • sexycarmelapple1 ( 25, Bisexual woman / Texarkana, TX )

    My first date could be going to the movies just anywhere fun. As long as I'm with dat person that's all that matters 2 me

  • HeatherLeighAnn ( 24, Bisexual woman / Olathe, KS )

    Starbucks and a movie. Perfect date.

  • KLTBHAM ( 36, Lesbian / Birmingham, AL )

    i am up for anything for a first date! I love long dinners and movies, museums, art, wineries, festivals.... you name it and I am probably open!

  • moonlight6983 ( 34, Lesbian / San Jose, CA )

    Going to the movies n eating dinner then making out at hm n cuddling in bed!!!!!!!!!