Fun Date Ideas

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  • mscourtney88 ( 29, Lesbian / Lakeland, FL )

    Hiking or even a bar, maybe somewhere social

  • catnapin ( 41, Bisexual woman / Oxnard, CA )

    For the first date maybe meet up for some coffee or tea. Keep it simple.

  • 23krista ( 26, Bisexual woman / Cameron, TX )

    Just a have fun and sex just sex

  • IolantheDarling ( 26, Bisexual woman / Sidney, OH )

    It honestly doesn't matter to me because it will be just them and myself so whatever seems enjoyable

  • Alexthebull ( 37, Lesbian / Clinton, MD )

    My idea on our first date is we go to a nice silent restaurant and have cup of coffee and lunch and talk about what we are looking for in a relationship. We can also just talk and get to know each other.

  • luckyfluke ( 38, Lesbian / Calgary, AB )

    Coffee is good. A water and a walk is better.

  • jozhik10 ( 39, Bisexual woman / Mississauga, ON )

    Hope we will have some common topics to talk about and know more about each other.

  • thatonelove22 ( 24, Bisexual woman / Florence, AL )

    umm i haven't been on a date in a while

  • Gabbielicious23 ( 24, Bisexual woman / Bumpass, VA )

    Just a casual date, nothing over the top. Something fun.

  • Raquel77 ( 36, Lesbian / Grants Pass, OR )

    Restaurants, picnics, movies, dinner, or wherever she wants to go

  • PurpleIris2000 ( 75, Lesbian / Concord, CA )

    I would like to chat online then talk on the phone. If we wish to meet we can decide where at that time.

  • eme_w13 ( 22, Bisexual woman / Naples, FL )

    maybe go out for some dinner ice cream. something simple and nice

  • ElyHypnotic ( 25, Lesbian / Italy )

    Cerco una ragazza socievole simpatica bella altruista sincera e fedele

  • lanikie ( 28, Lesbian / Puerto Rico )

    la verdad nose que dice aqui pero estoy aqui en este chat por que me interesa conocer gentes nuevas

  • Ladyrainbow22 ( 26, Lesbian / Emporia, VA )

    A long walk n da park mayb dinner n a movie. Or whatever my girl wants to do i love goin shopping n eatin watching sports