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  • dreamer0901 ( 19, Bisexual woman / Jacksonville, FL )

    I would love to be able to take her out for dinner, or even just sitting at home putting on her favorite tv show or movie and ordering pizza

  • diana1997 ( 20, Lesbian / Bootle, England - Merseyside )

    Well I would pay for the special one so that she doesn't have to buy her own meals and I would take her out anywhere

  • yayi98 ( 19, Lesbian / lajas )

    My first date idea would be to go to the beach and watch the sunset and talk about everything.

  • Claire2016 ( 31, Lesbian / Brussels, Brabant )

    Get to know each other around a nice meal

  • sikaria135 ( 25, Bisexual woman / New York, NY )

    I cook us a nice dinner and we can get to know each other. Maybe we can have each other for dessert ;)

  • milobe ( 27, Lesbian / brisbane, Queensland )

    Dinner in a beautiful restaurant surely works better for me...

  • Cala75 ( 53, Lesbian / Reading, England - Berkshire )

    My first ideal date would be a meal in a lovely restaurant followed by a walk or a lovely picnic by the river .....

  • sport6947 ( 19, Lesbian / Colorado Springs, CO )

    Walk around the area, go into deep conversation, and have dinner.

  • studdmuffinn ( 21, Lesbian / Saint Paul, MN )

    Me pickin you up wit flowers and taking you out to eat and droppin you back off if you want or to a movie after.

  • Reklaw ( 21, Lesbian / Ford City, PA )

    I would probably go to dinner with you so we can get to know each other. Then go to the movies.

  • tiffiny1 ( 28, Lesbian / Milton, VT )

    For my first date idea I would like to maybe do a movie and pop corn or even go out to eat. I would also like to do some things you would like to do.... I would defiantly ask what you like and go from there ☺️

  • Lucytaylor11 ( 19, Lesbian / London, England - London )

    For my first date with someone I would take them for a lovely dinner down London Bridge/tower bridge were we could sit and have something to eat and then sit on the grass talking and watching the stars together ❤️

  • Humblesoul ( 24, Lesbian / Las Vegas, NV )

    Just to sit down get to know her and enjoy her company but I would take her to a place we both would enjoy

  • jillyjelly ( 26, Lesbian / brisbane, Queensland )

    Something nice and simple to get to talk and get to know you 😊.

  • stylze ( 43, Lesbian / East York, ON )

    1.We could walk and talk 2. sit by the sea 3. go to a restaurant in the hills overlooking the city. 4. Anywhere without traffic that is quiet and serene.