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  • esje19 ( 21, Lesbian / ghent, Oost-Vlaanderen )

    Netflix and chill! Cosy on the couch

  • Cney21 ( 23, Bisexual woman / Tallangatta, Victoria )

    Sometime that fits both our personalities and it has to be creative and fun. It's all about getting to know each our deeply

  • Trixielixxx ( 48, Lesbian / Melbourne, Victoria )

    She will have to wait and see.

  • toogaytofunction ( 23, Lesbian / Brisbane, Queensland )

    Fish & chips(or something simple) at a lookout or jetty or anywhere with an amazing view.

  • Featherfur ( 19, Bisexual woman / Nampa, ID )

    A nice first date would be going Roller Skating, so we can talk and keep moving at the same time, and dinner afterwards to wind down.

  • playfulpro ( 56, Lesbian / Walnut Creek, CA )

    Would love to go to a nice quiet wine bar so we could eat a little, drink a little and talk a lot and get to know each other and what we have in common

  • Diamante12197 ( 19, Lesbian / Fall River, MA )

    My ideal first date would be going to the beach and getting something to eat. Even getting something to go and eating it on the beach with an awesome view would be amazing. .

  • Nicoleee_101 ( 19, Lesbian / Omaha, NE )

    Something simple but ordinary❤️

  • mixed_chick3141 ( 19, Bisexual woman / Helmetta, NJ )

    I don't really have a first date idea a lot of times just relaxing walking simple things are fun for me but I do like to go out as well so it really just depends

  • jordynelizabitch ( 25, Lesbian / Chagrin Falls, OH )

    Honestly, I would love to tell you but then what would be the fun in taking you on a first date? Therefore I am going to keep my secrets to myself.

  • juneforall ( 19, Bisexual woman / St Catharines, ON )

    Don't really care Could be movies, coffee or beach, just a place where we can talk and get to know each other It's about the company not the venue

  • jae1234 ( 19, Lesbian / Columbus, OH )

    Get stoned asf and watch Netflix together, I'd cook dinner we could cuddle all night long

  • huntter ( 22, Lesbian / Jewett, OH )

    Just something entertaining but enough so we can still talk and get to know eachother :) .... For example dinner or just being outside 💜

  • Katie_8 ( 31, Lesbian / Austin, TX )

    I'm pretty easy going, so let's talk about it.

  • ChocolateBunnyx3 ( 19, Lesbian / Port Saint Lucie, FL )

    I'm not picky but I like the movies😌 Movie dates are great