First Date Ideas

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  • GreysGirl08 ( 27, Lesbian / Pulaski, TN )

    Going to eat lunch or dinner,followed by a movie and after that maybe a nice walk and get to know each other more.

  • ProudJota ( 39, Lesbian / Lancaster, CA )

    What about a nice dinner by the beach, good wine, candle light...

  • new2ths2 ( 30, Lesbian / Camden, NJ )

    I want to go somewhere, where we can talk and enjoy each other's company. I'm down for anything.

  • DanielleAurora ( 39, Lesbian / Dallas, OR )

    My first date would be having a nice dinner and getting to know who I am with. Then after dinner watching the sun set or the stars.

  • Readyfornew ( 43, Lesbian / Langhorne, PA )

    The perfect first date is having a picnic lunch and then taking a nature trail walk. A picnic provides time to talk and to get to know eah other

  • setafire ( 24, Lesbian / Ann Arbor, MI )

    Picnicking at a park with some wine and good food then taking a walk at sunset by the river and watching dusk come. Talking about desires of our hearts, our dreams, what we see in our future.. all that romantic kind of s  more>>

  • Italian_Beauty ( 43, Lesbian / Columbus, OH )

    I love to cook. Maybe get together and cook something or maybe a picnic.............I'm old fashion or maybe you like zip lining :) Whatever you like, I am willing to try something new <3

  • Lyracy ( 42, Bisexual woman / Montgomery, AL )

    Anywhere outside. Have lunch, an easy, relaxed setting. A hike. Day trip to the beach. I.m easy but don't care for stiff and uncomfortable. I like....flow.

  • KittieKatz ( 62, Lesbian / Kansas City, MO )

    It could be very eye-opening and possibly reassuring to go on a "work date" or volunteer to help w/ Habitat for Humanity, the Soup Kitchen, or visiting a nsg home on a first date just to see what your partner i  more>>

  • mrhandsome9 ( 27, Lesbian / Jacksonville, AR )

    Meet up walk across the bridge or through the park go hav a nice dinner with lots of convo of gettn to know each other,maybe catch a funny movie afterwards. End the night with a nice glass of wine and hugs to each other.

  • hero13 ( 38, Lesbian / Ellenwood, GA )

    My first date would be me probally taking a woman fishing or whatever she wants to do

  • launicalauren ( 27, Lesbian / Carson, CA )

    Bookstore, followed by a beach walk and picnic.

  • Astraltravler ( 51, Bisexual woman / Port Saint Lucie, FL )

    Meet at a cafe. Have an opportunity to talk and get to know one another. If the chemistry is there then off to a mutual activity of interest.

  • truth69 ( 35, Lesbian / Colorado Springs, CO )

    Nothing to extravagent but a calm atmosphere, beautiful vibe, and fun for all, if going well may go a further to express the romantic side a lil bit.

  • lezbefunfroggy ( 34, Lesbian / Porterfield, WI )

    we would have a candle light dinner on the beach and sit and talk for hours.....

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