First Date Ideas

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  • Loubilewes ( 36, Bisexual woman / Lewes, England - Sussex )

    Drinks, and naughty talk. Getting more and more turned on till you drag me home for some fun.

  • greeneyedirish ( 29, Lesbian / Phoenix, AZ )

    Mini golf, maybe dinner and just anything where we can get to know one another better.

  • genniece ( 45, Bisexual woman / Denver, CO )

    I would hope that we would've established a good rapport by the time we're ready for a date via chatting/talking on the phone, so that our first date can be about letting go and having fun in each others presence. I woul...  read more>>

  • ShebaLynn ( 25, Lesbian / Chicago, IL )

    Mmm why spoil it when she can experience it for herself

  • LetsCook17 ( 27, Lesbian / Minneapolis, MN )

    Putt-Putt, Movie in the park, Ice-skating... let's just go do something a little random.

  • planet_telexx ( 26, Bisexual woman / Cincinnati, OH )

    Anywhere where we can have fun and maybe a bit of an adventure too.

  • kalpna ( 24, Bisexual woman / India )

    nthng much it must be simple bt i take her on mountain and i propse her and when she says no i ll jumped with her we meet next

  • Karuuh_Nezza ( 25, Bisexual woman / Cypress, TX )

    I'm not exactly sure where the first date would be until the moment comes. I like to make it special to make a good impression but also something the girl hasn't done numerous times. Something to have her remember it for...  read more>>

  • Infinite_Time ( 29, Bisexual woman / Quitman, TX )

    We would start by going out and doing something fun that we both like, maybe going to an ice skating rink or out to a club or to see a theater or music performance. Then we would order different kinds of foods that we wo...  read more>>

  • sweetobsession40 ( 43, Lesbian / Valdosta, GA )

    A dinner and a long moonlit walk and talk

  • Libra6 ( 26, Lesbian / Baltimore, MD )

    Out to eat walk rpund da park non stop convo.. Even ah good home cooked meal over candle..

  • LEZNOLABEL ( 54, Lesbian / Atlanta, GA )

    A drag show, karaoke outing, dancing, comedy spot, or concert.

  • AmeliaTheModel ( 22, Lesbian / Sacramento, CA )

    I would love if me and my special someone could just hang out in my backyard just eating homemade food like baklava and pizza. Then, we could take a walk around my neighborhood at night and admire the stars. Last, we cou...  read more>>

  • EpitomeOfAnAG ( 34, Lesbian / New York, NY )

    I was thinking about us having a night out on the town! Where we can get to know each other likes/dislikes, personality traits around other people, communication skills, long and short term goals. etc...

  • Mz_Murderz ( 24, Bisexual woman / Winnetka, CA )

    Go out at night on a weekend...somewhere busy and full of life. Eat, chat, go to random places....Then go somewhere quiet to talk more.

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