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  • ysabel ( 42Lesbian / London, England - London )


    How about an exhibition ? It's just an idea, going for a drink is good too ;-)

  • littlerose ( 27Lesbian / Taipei, Tai-pei )


    Go to museum then have dinner to together. Oh... maybe can watch movie.

  • cece17 ( 39Lesbian / Houston, TX )


    A walk in the park, a movie, museum exhibit, dinner.

  • SheraLiming ( 28Lesbian / New York, NY )


    I would like to meet someone in a quiet venue whether that be at a museum, park, etc.

  • Papasan ( 56Lesbian / Middletown, NY )


    Definitely visit a mutual place of interest...maybe a museum or an Aquarium. Some place we can meander around and conversate without yelling to be heard, And then perhaps a nice cozy place to sit and enjoy a bite and som  more>>

  • frodogeorgia ( 44Lesbian / kyoto city, Kyoto )


    Maybe meeting at a cafe, and start to chat , talking about each other. Isn't that be a nice start?? Smiles.

  • faykhris70 ( 52Lesbian / Chicago, IL )


    perhaps a quiet brunch,a walk in the park, lots of talking and getting to know each other.

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