First Date Ideas

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  • bunches ( 55, Lesbian / Cottonwood, AZ )

    It all depends on what we mutually decide to do .

  • Taylor118 ( 21, Bisexual woman / Frankfort, IL )

    Im the type of person who can have fun doin anything really so it wouldnt even matter what we doo,,

  • Hayley82 ( 34, Lesbian / Luton, England - Bedfordshire )

    Beach, Theme Park, Something fun and not so formal

  • Danievans101 ( 22, Lesbian / Birmingham, England - Warwickshire )

    Im sorry this is so cringe. I know i sound very brash so apologies for that. This is just cringing me out

  • emchammer ( 27, Lesbian / Tampa, FL )

    Going to the beach, taking a boat out or jet skis and having lunch by the ocean.

  • SweetLady87 ( 29, Lesbian / New York, NY )


  • Taekyrae ( 23, Lesbian / Wilmington, DE )

    we just go a bunch of different places that we each like to get to know each other better.

  • Linkies ( 41, Bisexual woman / New York, NY )

    A walk in central park followed by any rooftop restaurant for a sundown cocktail and dinner

  • ANASTASIA2005 ( 42, Lesbian / Jasper, TN )

    So, a walk in the park to a bon fire at the lake if all is well?

  • kgrey1976 ( 39, Lesbian / San Antonio, TX )

    There's a duck pond not too far from where I live with a bunch of pinic tables..and I think its a nice quiet spot to have a picnic and feed the ducks and just talk to get to know someone. I'm thinking a basket of finger...  read more>>

  • 628sweet ( 24, Bisexual woman / Edmonton, AB )

    Meeting up at a nice Cafe for tea/coffee, than doing some activity together (like glass blowing) after, and just having a good time while getting to know each other.

  • campingqueen ( 50, Bisexual woman / Forest Falls, CA )

    Start with a hike or a walk around town--can't forget to grab snacks! See where the day takes us, lunch or shopping or off on a random roadtrip :)

  • legend87 ( 28, Lesbian / Irving, TX )

    I'm very random. I like the outdoors so a chance to meet and get to know someone while enjoying nature is awesome. But then again I can do a nice restaurant or lounge. Good conversation, good food, good music is a must...  read more>>

  • Chells ( 35, Lesbian / Las Vegas, NV )

    Im a breakfast person so we can have breakfast first then, Mmm maybe go ice skating, bowling, racing go carts or batting cages.

  • Wildsundance ( 28, Bisexual woman / San Francisco, CA )

    I'm really open to anything as long as I can see you, hear you, and we are both comfortable. I like hanging out at parks and cafes. Night clubs and bars aren't really my scene.

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