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    i had jus broken up with my opposite sex partner after a 7year relationship!! and i met this red head girl she was very pretty she had long red hair, the aqua blue eyes, and had a smile that could light up and school for about a week. and we became close friends. now she wa abut two years older then me. one day we wher at a football game and during the halftime, she asked me to be her girlfriend. and this feeling just came over me, that if i diidnt say yes, i would die in that moment. so i said yes, and she kissed me. i had never felt so warm and so alive wen she kissed me. so i walked with her to her house," i was staying with a family member"..and about 7hours later......<3.......i woke up and she had mad me my favortie noodles and we watch a movie. its was about a year before she told me she had cancer, i watch her go thru her kemo, i still have a lock of her hair."nothing creepy, she asked me to keep it", it was about six to eight months after that she died!..i fell in love with a women, a beautiful strong women. one day i hope to find her again somewhere in this world, somewhere in the sky. somewhere in my heart....i walk around wid a blacked broken heart, that i think its time for me to fix, or as she would say it, GET IT DONE SOULJA GIRL!!....I LOVE YOU I MISS YOU SARAH~ANNIE MARSHMEN

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    im fine now, it feels like it happen jus last month or something. i geuss thats how much i think about her!!. but her you can add me on if you want, and thank you for liking my blog!!

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    I hope ur feeling me....I can mke it better