Lesbian and Christian. How does that match? Religion Forward to friends

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    Let me see if I can clear up some things for your well being as well as mine. I've been born-again since I was seven years old. I am now 48. I've been gay since I was in the third grade. As far as God's Word says, yes it is an abomination however it also says, that we are no longer under the law but under grace. NO MATTER WHAT we do, we are forgiven because of the blood that JESUS shed for us at Calvary. The only thing He will not forgive us of is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. I feel if we sincerely ask God for direction as to what to do in this situation, He will do it. After you have done all that you can, the only thing left is to STAND. Maybe that will help you.
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    ...It is really difficult to associate having these two opposing ideas... it is not easy...and searching your inner self is a deep realization of what you are as an understanding of your faith...so i think, it is not a question of matching...it is a matter of your relationship to God... it is between you and Him... top secret!!!
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    I grew up in a strict Southern Baptist home. My parents were completely down on the homosexual community, often commenting on Sodom and Gamorah (know I misspelled those). For the longest time, I grew up miserable but thinking I was happy because of God's love.

    Thanks to those wonderful people, I got married and didn't find out until later that there was a darn good reason I wasn't enjoying my life. If my family knew about my sexuality and belief structure, I'd be disowned so quickly.

    If you ask MOST Christian people, they would say homosexuality is wrong and not of God. They are highly closed minded and thinking of a time back when the world was still flat.

    All honesty, you have to go with what is right for you. You worship in your own way and follow the path that is laid out by destiny. Some may be pagan, some Christian...it just depends on the individual.

    Be happy and blessed be!
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    I have struggled with this one for YEARS and it has actually stopped me from forming good long lasting relationships with woman becuase I didn't think God would approve. However, God intends us to love one another and to love life. He made us in His image and something in my make up has made me want to be a lesian. It's a tough one alright!
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    God Created us in HIS OWN IMAGE!

    not meaning to bash the Vatican but there have been many discrepancies in the bible, mostly because the Vatican once controlled religion and just about the world.

    It has only been in the last two or three centuries that other religions have come more into play. they mostly remained hidden because of repression.

    Spain exiling the Jews, Germany exiling the Jews, witch burning, pagan slaughters..history is bloodstained with the path of destruction religion has carved all in gods name.

    At one point a holy man, or catholic priest led the English and french armies into battles, claiming that god wanted it.

    as far as I'm concerned, if god didn't want us to feel this way, he wouldn't of made us this way. I believe in many things, but i don't believe that I'll burn in hell because I LOVED SOMEONE in my lifetime.

    If anything, Love is a gift, a precious treasure worth more than it's weight in gold, and when u find it you're the richest person in the world.

    screw the hypocrisy of the rest of the world. If i Ever find love i will be grateful, not wondering "WWJD". no matter if it heterosexual or homosexual.

    Love binds us in an endless circle, it cannot be broken, it cannot be stained by blood, it will not wield a sword, but it cuts, bruises, and stains, it brings us to our knees, wanted by all and shunned by none.

    be true to yourself, be true to the one that holds you so tightly, Love them forever.
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    I was born and raised in a Christian house. I gave my life over (like a lot of kids who were born and raised into Christianity) when I was around five or so. I use to be so into God. But then something sort of slipped. Stuff happend, my heart hardend... and then all the sudden you wake up one day and you realize... wow it has been almost five years since I have been back to church. I know God is love and he dosn't turn his backs on us... it is us who turn our backs on him. I know the Bible inside and out as I use to be really into it. But now... I find myself at this point in life where I feel as though I could be with a women, and treat her right, and love her, and care for her... and even though I have no relationship with God... my past with him is still there and I too have questioned this exact same question.

    So is it OK for us women to be Lesbians, because God is love, and he forgives? I still don't understand it! Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I have spent many nights tossing and turning over this!
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    Yes you can be Lesbian and Christian. Guess what, God knows who God created. God knows the person that you are and knows your heart. Are we to be in monogamous loving relationships as lesbians? Yes, we are still responsible for being our sister/brothers keeper. We are to respect our bodies as the temples they have been created to be also. The prohibition against same sex relations was a way in which the biblical culture could guarantee a continuation of their culture. It amazes me that we can appreciate other evils/nonsensical items in the bible such as slavery, murdering non virginal brides,(yes, there is nothing said about stoning the man), and validation for incest (see Lot and his daughters). Let NONE of us forget that Jesus taught that we are to LOVE. He did not put a caveat that said, "unless you are a same sex couple." Being in a same sex relationship is no more lust filled than heterosexuals who choose to be unfaithful to their partners. We are to respect one another and love one another as the children of God that were LOVINGLY created by God. Although there were HUMAN HANDS that scripted the Bible. God's ULTIMATE MESSAGE is one of LOVE. In the midst of that God indicates that God formed and knew us in our mother's womb... Let us NOT forget that!!!
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    Hey there! I think and I have a close relationship with the Lord, that He created us as our own person. It does not matter what you are. God is looking for a people who have a heart to serve Him. If that person is gay or lesbian, as long as you are aware of the ups and downs of it, He will aid you whatever way you go. True, God does forbid it however how did it come into existence. The world was destroyed once so someone was spared that was a homosexual, we don't know who that person was. The main thing is that a homosexual shouldn't do is turn away from God and turn to their own way of thinking. The Bible does say that we shouldn't leave our first love. Who is your first love, women or God. Once you establish that, you'll be fine. I'm very prophetic. I flow in the prophetic ministry. I too have struggled with that until God Himself spoke to me about it. It is very controversial yes, but once He directs you, you will know that you are on your way. DON'T LEAVE GOD!! I've learned through experience, that if you leave God you are opening yourself up for many pitfalls from the enemy. Let Him direct you!!
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    Hi, thinking about this, means there is a thinking mind in your head, its great, i like girls who think and not just pretty, now lets get back to the beginning of life, it was just Adan and Eve, it wasn't 2 Eves, in other creatures, its also male and female interaction (i mean for multiplication and not for fun), so, nature tells, its male and female, but some people make mistakes, i am one of them lol, thnax for provoking such interesting issue
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    I am Catholic. I came out just about two weeks after the Pope's edict regarding Catholicism and homosexuality. I for a while suffered from a real crisis of conscious. Today though I can say that I am happier than I ever was in the closet and I know God loves me otherwise I never would have been created this way . Embrace your differences and celebrate them.
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    HI, also from deep in the heart of Texas. One thing you might want to consider-the Bible is a collection of writings selected from a vast assortment of writings by a committe of men. Most of these writings advocate many things that were the cultural norm at the time, including the murder of non virginal brides and polygamy. Love yourself and be honest with those you deal with. Remember religion was created by people in most cases to control others through fear. Spirituality on the other hand comes from with in. If you believe in Christ's unconditional love his influence will come from within you not from a religion out there somewhere. So love your friend.
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    Hello to Germany from Texas! You ask a difficult question. Please think outside the box. Do you think God loves you? I hope so because He does love you. How can we reconcile who we are with what the Bible says? I'm still working on the answer to that. God bless you!
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