Telling the.... First Lesbian Experiences Forward to friends

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    There is nothing more scary than telling family members that you are gay lesbian or whatever....many years ago when in my first relationship my girl I was a year older than her, and i got on like a house on fire all in the space of 2 days or so..I dunno it might've been more than that...a week....and nothing says or makes you both more trusting of the relationship than being honest as 1 can be, which we agreed too always when my girlfriend said to me that she hadn't spoken to her parents about her new found life..I was in many state of emotion,1 is packing myself and trying to be strong at the same time for her....but she insisted on grabbing the bull by the horns and doing it tell her parents...and as a loving girlfriend me i would be go with her and support her like a lover does...and hoping too that somehow i turned invisible....So a oneday after work I came home from my course i was doing, to a worried girlfriend who was holding a deathgrip on her mug....sitting in the 1 armchair staring blankly at the T.V.....I thought shall ask or not.....she looked up at me and said that we've been invited to dinner that night and that she said to her mother that she had something to tell her and her father....Hmmmmm I thought.....So we go after I quickly splash water on me and change shirt and sprayed myself a bit....We arrived at 6.30pm and we walk up to the door hand in hand before going into the her parents house she lunged at me with a very passionate kiss as if to say, if something happens to me, i want you to remember this....Oh great what a feeling to have going to your future inlaws house nervous and we entered the place i reluctently disconnected my hand from hers and kept walking towards the wonderful aroma of roast meat of some sort, air freshner and old wood smell from the old house....her parents came over to us and gave us a generous hug and kiss and handshake me....I could clearly see where Aroha gets her green eyes from and the lighter shade of brown looks from.......we were immediately sat at the dining room table with the food already set out..and her parents told us to dig in.
    After the generous helpings of dinner and dessert and hot beverage after dinner we still sat at the dinner table...when my girlfriend announced to her parents....
    "Mum Dad", they both looked at her while i bussied myself trying to sipping my hot chocolate and wanting to hold her hand for comfort but thought not too coz of parents thing....
    "There something ive been wanting to say"
    here goes Becks no backing down now she going to come out to her parents.....I looked to her my perpherials looked to her parents with there worried look as if she was going to say she is ill or preganent....."I'ma" she gulp
    "I'ma........two months preganent"
    Simultanously the 2 went "What?", and my eyes grew wider about to laugh...the father looked at me as if to say I'm gonna mount you on my wall type look...what was I supposed to do....I looked down at my hands going Noooo..whhhaaat?...She said it again "I'ma preganent and i am gay"
    Whoa the parents both looked at me....I nodded No silently and wanted to get up and run....she turned to me saying that she was sorry not telling me about it and how she was trying to pick the right moment to say that......The End
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    OMG! what a story. Im sorry that happened to you
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    We broke up in the end, due to her not sure if she was ready for a relationship
  • View author's info Posted on Oct 14, 2010 at 04:59 AM

    wow...what happened next??
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