Mine is a bit different... First Lesbian Experiences Forward to friends

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    My first experience with a girl was sorta lame, not gonna lie. It was long distance and never really bloomed. BUT my second girlfriend was what makes the difference in my life:) We were just friends and she didn't know I was bi, I could tell she was cuz of how she dressed and how she talked to girls and stuff. I immediatly liked her since she was so outgoing with me and decided I'd take a chance with her. It was in Sept. that we starting dating, a Wednesday, by that Friday it was the first home football game of the year so we went. That was the night I truly fell in love we were on the bleachers and it started to rain. Everyone quickly ran underneath to stay dry, as we were about to decend I stop and look up into the sky with a smile on my face. The raindrops looked like sparkling diamonds and I soflty whispered, "I love this night". When my eyes trailed back to her I saw her looking into my eyes she told me she loved me and I knew it was real. We shared probably the best kiss ever and carefully went under the bleachers with everyone else. I saw this story with a smile on my lips and tears in my eyes because its now only a small memory with a lot of later pain...
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    Aaaw..sowie it ended that way..and ya..how do u know sum1 iz bi? Im also curious
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    i'm so sorry it ended in so much pain. but i'm curious... u said you could tell she was bi partly by how she dressed. someone mentioned that about me recently but they couldn't explain exactly what they meant by that. so how did she dress in a way that was seemingly 'bi'?
  • View author's info Posted on Jun 25, 2011 at 09:37 PM

    Thank you for sharing. We feel love and we feel pain. Life is like that. Take care xx
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