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    Hi, Im Lizzy and Im 18 but I act a lot older than I am. I need some love and support, I just came out to everyone I know and I am leaving my husband that I have been married to for a year and a half but we have been together since the two of us were 14 we have a 1 year old daughter too. The reason Im leaving is because I have finally accepted that I cant change that I am a lesbian, I was hoping to just take the easy way out because lets face it, its not easy being gay but I know that if I keep hiding who I am Im just going to become more and more miserable. So here I am now, lonely, confused, and broken. Its a really hard situation. Im wondering if any of you have been through this and if you have any words of wisdom for getting through this.
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    Oh Lizzy

    I really can empathise with you but I cant give you advice on this. I took a different road. I married very young, but that was a long time ago when being a lesbian was less socially acceptable and certain things were expected of a young lady (at least in my family). I wasn't always happy but the marriage did produce 2 wonderful children so it wasnt all bad. I cannot say if my decision was right or wrong or what s right for you. You say you have a daughter so this cannot be all about you. Your daughter's well being,happiness and her love and respect for you in the future all have to be taken into consideration. Ultimately this can only be your own decision. Whatever you do, I hope you make the right choices for all concerned.

    Best wishes

    I wish you well
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    Yes, its not easy being gay but hung in there. You are brave to face the truth, give you credit for that. Good luck and if you need a friend to talk to.. i am here :)
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