New to all this. First Lesbian Experiences Forward to friends

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    Hi. I had my first sexual experience at 12 with a gf. She started touching my breasts and kissing me and rubbing my theighs and just below my belly button. And when I was 15 my friend and I made out with clothes on. At the time I didn't go lookin for women because I believe my parents to be a bit homophobic. They are quite old fashioned. So I spent my life attempting to find the right male. I married one. It hasn't been fun. I am starting to believe I made the wrong choice in marrying a male. But really don't have much experience with women at all. I just know I loved the two experience I did have. And when I am with my husband I try and pretend I am with a girl. When I pleasure myself I imagine I am with a girl. If I imagine I am with a guy it takes forever to get off. I just don't have a clue what to do. Any one have tips for my first "real" sexual experience with a woman? What do I do? Lol. I am too worried the first time with a girl I will do nothing but dissapoint her. I wouldn't like that. What do women really do in bed. Just like women and men in bed I doubt its even remotely like porn. So I can't even get a idea of what to do from that. :( wish I had a clue as my husbands mullin over the idea of letting me sleep with a women due to the fact that he cheated on me. And really would like to have a idea of what to expect and what I should do. As it prob won't happen often a bough for me to get practice. And I would really like this experience to not be me just fumbling around like a idiot lol.
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    me too¡¡ where do youlive??
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    i have never been with a woman either,just curious and want to know.i have been married it didnt work out thought i would fine love and friendship else where and a woman would understand better.
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    Hey im a first tmer to ;) imbox me babe x
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