You're out of the closet and your gf isn't. Lesbian Troubles Forward to friends

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    I have sort of an issue that I need some advice on. My girlfriend and I met online about 2 years ago. We hit it and even though we lived in different states I decided to move to be with her. She was recently divorced when we met and has two children. We moved in together about 9 months ago. After she and I got serious, I came out to all my friends and family. It was hard, but they accepted me as I am and I'm so happy and thankful. My gf on the other hand is a teacher, and has two children to think about. I completely understand her wanting to wait a while before telling her children because their parents had just got divorced, but its been 2 years and I still have to pretend I'm just their mom's friend and absolutey none of her family or friends know about me. I, of course understand where shes coming from and she keeps telling me she will tell them when the time is right, and she is their mother so she will know when the time is right, but i'm a little worried on whether or not she will ever tell them or fully "come out." I eventually want a family of my own and children myself, and I want to spend my life with someone who I dont have to hide my love and affection for. Should I wait it out and pray for the best, or do I come to my senses and realize our futures are going in two different directions?
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    God why on earth in this day and age do we still have to fear coming out!  It's so rediculous, I'm nearly fifty, and all my life, until now, I have been scared, just fell in love for the first time which has made me brave, unfortunately trusted the wrong one, broke my golden rule and let a married woman lead me on for nearly a year, and when I came out she ran back in, maybe it's 'Karma' don't know, what goes around and all that, but my advice is ' shop around' if she loves you she will come out for you, if not, get on with your life regardless, it's just too short, trust me once I was eighteen, it goes so quick, don't waste your time waiting, but love hon, all the best! (scouser.)



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    You've been waiting for two years already, how long do u still wanna wait?  But ay, love is love,   u can't tell your heart what to do! But u contemplating it already so that says a lot.  At the end of the day only u can do what makes u happy,  and u not happy right now are u? Sometimes you have to be selfish I mean,  you've sacrificed so much already, for her! She should do this not only for u but herself,! I mean the fear will always, always be there!  She just gotta face it!
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    I'd like to suggest u keep ur waiting, for who she is and who u r, and for those hard times that u have been holding her hands without any fears.
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