If only she cared like i do..... Romance Forward to friends

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    Ok, so I'm new and here's my story. I've been in love with this one girl and we talk on the phone and computer but not often now. I met her in 04 and we started out friends but I wanted more. She's amazing and everything I look for but shes strait and it kills me. I still have feelings for her but I come to the reality that I can't ever have her and I guess that's what has led me to here. I've gone so long feeling the love but not knowing it, I'm always the friend that makes everyone laugh and makes the joke "oh did you see her, she so wanted me" but can't ever get the guts to find out if the girl really did. I guess it's because the one I really wanted didn't want me so now I"m scared of rejection. All my friends are strait and always say, "you're to funny, I love you" as most girls say in a joking manner but in side I'm screaming, I wish you really mean that. Idk if its just the sate i live in (Georgia) or if I'm not trying hard enough to find a girl but I swear I can't find a lesbian to save my life. Or maybe it's because I'm shy, i had this one girl that liked me but she cornered me in the bathroom at school one day and it scared the living out of me. eh, I guess this is just me complaining but idk. I feel like i connect with girls so well and I wanna give the love I wasted one the one girl. lol I just wanna be loved back. X D I swear I'm not emo (nothing against emos, they're hot) , hell I'm a girl. that's what I do best. X D

    lol now I will post a picture to make this worth reading. : D
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    The first girl I ever fell in love with was my best friend, and that was a disastor. I'd like to chat with you and see if I like you. :3 If I do like you, I'll share pics and we can go on webcam and everything. Email me babe!
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    Ladies if you love this site so much,Why don't you post this Ad in your local ladiesrooms, resturants,Clinics etc and watch how the "Closeters" come out! Won't hurt to try right? Good Luck.
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    Hi sweetheart, it happened to me before that's why I am here. All my friends are straight and I am scared of them knowing me gay. I am affaid that they look at me like monster. I felt for straight girls twice and it was hurt.
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    Hey. Don't worry hun, there is someone out there for you. you just have to keep your head up and try try again! :) I would love to chat! Stay strong!
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    Hello omgdittaomg,
    I hear you girl, that is why I'm hear cause it is so hard to find a Lesbian. I dont have the problem that you have which is having only straight friends, but I am having a hard time to find a woman to love. I'm from Chicago, it would be nice to be friends. Hope to hear from you.
    I find it hard to believe you have no Lesbian, or bi-sexual friends.In reality though there is a Lesbian in every woman, they just have'nt come out of the closet yet. I am a true Lesbian.
    My brother is stationed in Georgia, and he knows alot of woman who are Lesbians. or Bi.
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    hey grl i'd luv to talk
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