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    Good day girls
    I have quite a dilema, I've been married 2 years, got divorced feb 2012 because I flirted with my bff, and felt guilty having these feelings for my bff (who was my first gf, 6 years ago) we've been friends eversince. The divorce got really ugly, after 8 months of fighting, me and my recent ex decided to try agai,n this time being completely honest. My friend didn't support this and we stopped talking for 2 months, this bothered me, since we are very close, so I wanted to make peace, before I did, I asked my gf if it was okey? She said no problem, but gave me a set of rules. I did comply, and my friend and I made peace and went out 1 night, we had such a blast. But my gf freaked because we got drunk together but nothin happened. A week went by and my friend wanted to go out again, asked my gf, she asked when I'll be home, I cudnt answer as I didn't want to lie if I didn't make it on time. My gf flipped, told me to choose between her and my friend. When I chose her, she grabbed my phone, deleted my friend of everything, I don't even have her nr anymore. My gf made me phone my friend and confront her about what had been between us while me and my gf broke up... I was like wtf??!!
    Its been 2 weeks now and I still can't make peace with this? Am I wrong to want my bff with me eventhough we have a history, but we are just friends now, she has a bf. I feel my gf should accept my friend, since we were friends when me and my gf started dating again...
    Please help???!! Sorry for long post
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     i couldnt ever shake the feeling that my g.f.(now ex) was still in love with her b.f.f.(ex) no matter what she said & after trying to show that i was worthy of being #1 in her heart she left me for said b.f.f.. So i understand how your wife feels......& let me tell doesnt feel good

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    Hey, I am friends with whoever I want. Sounds like your gf (exgf) has some trust issues. There isn't much you can do about that. You can assure her of your love. You can promise her your loyalty and faithfulness. But, the problem is hers. She will always be a little suspicious until you prove yourself(you can't). Look, just move on. Girlfriends come and go. Friendships are forever.

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    I understand her freaking out, if there was ever feelings there they might still be there somewhere deep down...? At least think of it this way, obvioulsy shout girls stressed over this and with good reason it tore yotowel apart for months. if you want to be this person and you really want that than put fact that her happiness is being put below your seeing this other girl.lthink of it that way. My love had this guy friend forever. Now she was always just playing with me never had Any real emtions but shed be fucking this guy and fucking me and who the hell else for all I know but I even when shed say she wasn't interested in him you know she is somewhere or wats to be near him cus of sone connection that you're ganna have to wish was severed,
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    i think that you have to respect her decission. its ok if you want her to be your friend again,but sometimes people dont feel in same way as we do...
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