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My love
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Posted on Thu, Dec 03, 2009 17:08

Hi everyone.. hmm..i know it might sounds stupid but here I am to tell you guys about how i've been in love with someone i shouldnt love...

here we go... she's one of my mate friends and we get to know each other since then and started to going out as normal friend's does. as the time goes by...i have this kind of strange feeling..which is i can proudly say i think i love her and from the way she behave..im 100% sure i got the positive respond from her. since then we started going out as like couple. holding hands and kissed.

and as it comes to the point when my best friend can smell something fishy btw me and her and started to ask question and which i've admitted that Yeahh..im love this girl and i really do...!!! as my friend asked her the same question..i just cant believe she said..NO..Hell noo... I dont love her...I dont like her...I just want her to be my friend. (as the night before..she actually did wishpered in my ears and says that she loved me and dont know wat do to if ppls actually find out about this). I was speechless...cant breath for 30 second as my heart ached!

my best friend told me...that she's only making used of me... as she is one of the lonely person on earth..and she dont really have one close friend until she met me. but for me...there is no regret for me to love her coz i love her from her weaknesess to her strength... and i just love the way she is.. !!!

am i wrong to love someone that i shouldnt love... am i wrong for being stupid and foolish over and over again?? i hate it sometime but this heart cannot lie..that i love her from the button of my heart and till my last breath. eventhough now..she is far away frm me..but i still miss and love her so much...and really hope and wish the very best in herlife~

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Posted on Tue, Dec 15, 2009 08:58

wow...your love experience are good...nice to meet you my name is wenjing you feel free can add me

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