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    Story About a ordinary Indian lesbien girl with very exatraordinary journey to find her dream'z.
    Puck was lost in her counting of the stars on her fingers. “Arti has left us, Annu; we are never going to see
    her again any more, I mean never,” Puck said sadly.
    “You know she has become an angel and she is with you – closer than you know. One day you’ll become
    an angel too, just in a different way with getting married and having family when you live for others,” Annu said reassuringly.
    “No! No -I don’t want to become an angel.”
    “What?” Annu enquired, her voice tinged with disbelief.
    “No, not an angel; I want to be a bird,” Puck replied matter-of-factly.
    “What would I do with wings if I could not feel the wind?”
    “Hum that’s interesting, you know I have given all of my grandchildren a piece of jewelry and to my sons
    and daughter I have even given them a piece of property but to you today I want to give you something that
    is most important to me, you can say it’s a part of me.” With saying that,

    Annu put her palm on Puck’s eye, “I give you my dream.”

    Puck clutched on to her hand with her own small fingers. “Wow!”
    “But be careful – it will take you very, very far away. Your way will not be easy but full of struggle and pain
    and suffering but the secret of its success is that you just have to keep walking and following…you hear. You
    will have to do this until my dream comes true. My dream for you is wings and this is what you will get from
    me.” Puck smiled innocently and hugged her tightly. Annu gave a heavy sigh and said, “It is not only a dream
    but a huge responsibility on your small shoulders.” “But how will I know that your dream has come true?”

    Annu smiled very wisely, looked in Puck’s eyes and said, “Because where and when my dream comes true,
    there and then will be the start of a fairytale of your own. Then you’ll realize that you have ultimately become
    a part of a magical dream and will live happy ever after.”

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  • View author's info Posted on Jun 14, 2011 at 05:52 PM

    Hmm..interesting. I'll look for that book. Thanks for sharing :)
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