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    I didn't see an art thread and thought "Why not?"
    So I guess we can all introduce ourselves and what kinds of artists we are. Maybe even share some of our works!

    Well, I'm Madison. Nice to meetcha. I'm a 19-year-old college student majoring in biology and proud Colorado native! I write manga (Japanese-style comics) based on Egyptian and Greek mythology, which entails A LOT of character art- it's rare to NOT find me drawing. I do mainly sketching, digital art on my iPad or MSPaint, and have been dabbling in painting again. Yup. I'm writing from my iPad now and can't upload any of my pictures, but once I'm back on my laptop I'll throw some stuff in here. ;)

    Don't be shy! Introduce yourself, m'dear!
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    I am Stephanie and am an 18 year old college student studying psychology. I love to sketch animals, people, and angels. I am also a poetry writer and working on a short story little by little.
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