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    Yeah vanishes!  one day all lovey dovey, future planning and the next day, nothing.  Nothing for 2 weeks!  Wtf?  Got her sistets cell to find out whats going on.  sister says its upto my gal to tell me.  Wtf?  2 days later i finally get it out of her sistet, shes in lockup.  if u love her youll wait.  lockup?  prison? hospital?  Sis says agsin, up to my gal to tell me.  I google her name and OMG!  $122000 theft and fraud charges from Aug of 2011.  its been 3 weeks of no word from her.  Sis says to expect a letter from her.  She wont tell me how long shes in for so now sis nlocks my number.  of course im going to find out wtf happened to my luv.  now i know.  do i read the letter she is going to send ne or not?  do i wait?  wtf?
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    Read the letter. In this case ignorance will not be bliss. Sounds like things have been thoroughly messed up for you. My condolences. Good luck. :)
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