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Ok its dis asian chick, sexy as hell...a lil on da ditzy side but i can fixed dat....lol!!! Anyways 1 of my other cowrkrs knw bout it and so i decided to txt the gurl....now b4 there had been previous convo bout my lil situations involvin kitties but jus to get a feel jus to see if she like to purrrr...feel me?... so long story short all i txtd was....idk where to start...dats it!!! And dats on errythang, shawty freakd out a lil bit. Jus a lil bit...she was like "OMG...I AM STRAIT...I LIKE GUYS....I HAVE A BF...Y WOULD I THINK LIKE DAT...IM CRAZIE...IMA RETARD..." lol....i was laughn cuz i didn't really say much...she jumped out there. Wat y'all think? View pt two of dis blog...brb!!!
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i think that she thinks a littl too much of her self and that she's not a very open minded person, and most importantly.....She jumps to conclusions too fast....lol
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hmmmm maybe she is telling the truth?
But I get to a point where it feels as if every men & women have that other side to them. Despite labeling themselves "straight", I'm sure anyone with the talent/skills to bring that other side out will proove that label wrong :))

good luck!