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Backpacking! my mind was engulfed with thoughts of what I w

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What an adventure!Once there I knew that I was going to find it had to shake the travelling bug. I loved it, I loved the parties, the beaches the thought of the most amazing holiday never coming to an end was just so freeing I can't even explain how I was feeling at the time. I thought I literally could not of felt any more alive.

Then I met Cay. Unusual name, just like mine, probably what initially attracted me to her.We used to sit alone overlooking the most beautiful and serene landscapes, chat and drink until late at night, mess around.. skinny dipping, just young free fun. Until one night we both had a few too many, enough to make us tipsy and probably a bit more revealing and deep than we planned!! 


She knelt in front if me, showing me her recent and also pretty decent tan lines she had aquired across her cheat and shoulders, I tried to match her accomplishment but I had sunbathed topless so there were no lines for me to compare. Cheekily, I felt this was my chance to encourage something naughty..

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i would love to experiencee the thrill and excitement u guys speak about. I  have never encountered such exotic pleasure before.

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Now ......This. This is what I came to Oz for, something exactly like this.Her hands slowly slid up my things, the feeling of her touching me was like my body was being surged with electricity. 

Tell me aboiut your experience,