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Hopes and Dreams

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Hello all,


Ever since I was little a toddler I loved nature. My mom and I were walking across an empty parking lot when I let go of her hand to chase after a foam cup. I picked it up and threw it into a trash can and said, "Mommy, I want to clean up the world." I had big dreams and hopes for the future. I did not understand how vast the world was for my world was my family. 


In middle school I decided I wanted to either study Horticulture, Botany, or Herbalism. I used the computer to look up herbal schools and. I guess at that point in time the herbal schools didn't have websites up so I narrowed what I wanted to do to Horticulture or Botany.


The high school I chose had an environmental career path, meaning I would take environmental related classes on top of a normal high school curriculum. This is where I took a Horticulture class and fell in love with it.


This led to me attending college and getting a degree in Horticulture. So upon reaching that dream I looked towards the internet again to search for an herbal school. I went to one herbal school for a month, I mainly helped do odd jobs like chopping wood, gathering plants for food (loved that part, I was able to identify native plants for food), and helped to cook on their wood burning stove. It was an awesome experience and I learned a little about herbalism. Then I moved to Florida and attended three classes (one weekend class a month) at a Tradition Chinese Herbal shop/school. One day I may go back there to continue the classes but do to life's twists and turns I had to leave. 


Now I work in a plant research lab and I love working here. Almost everyday I am learning something new, but for me if I am not striving for a new goal then I feel stagnant. Which is why if I say I will do something, I find away to do it. Like in high school another dream was to do plant research in the jungles of Africa. Though I have not obtained that yet, I was able to travel to Dominica and study their tropical rainforest plants. But that is a story for another time.


What are your dreams or hopes?


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I was able to find an online horticulture degree program but when I had made a comment earlier to this blog page with a link to that site, I think the comment was deleted. So you can do a google search on Online horticulture degree programs. Or you can look at participating in a local Masters Gardeners certificate program. It doesn't take up as much time or money to participate in the Masters Gardeners program and it is a bit more focused on your region. 


What sort of things are covered in your herbal classes? Is it more clinical focused, herbal preparation, or wild crafting? Online or a local herbalist/school?


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Hi I just started a herbal class, lesson one, I love it so far.  I wish I knew when I was young.  I was good at math so I went into Accounting which is what I still am.  I am 50 now, ended a 7 year lesbian marriage and am now single again.  I want to helpothers and myself so I will take the 22 lesson course.  I also started a foundation and hope to feed the indigent with my grant requests.  Is there a way I can take qa horticulture class online?  I do not want to go back to school at 8 years of night school were enough. I am a paralegal too. 




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