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I am a little unsure about this

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I sign up for  site and paid my money but I am starting to believe this is not what it all adds up to be. I haven't met or spoke to anyone here besides one old woman who was looking for friendship. Wow

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There is not a lot of activity. I had forgotten about this site until someone commented on my blog. That is because I get emails (to my personal email... not the one on this site)  when someone comments to the blog.


So if anyone want to talk with me, that seems to be the best method. This goes for now and months down the road. :)

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There is a way to see if the people are women and not fakes by seeing if they have their photos verified at leasr from my understanding. I haven't decided yet if I want the PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP this website doesn't seem like it's really worth it. Trying to give it a chance since I joined 2 days ago but it seems pretty dead here. Good luck ladies.