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Ohio, Indiana, and IL girls

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Hello ladies......Im posting this cuz I am currently living in IL and looking to relocate this spring to Cincy! I would love to meet some new friends out there. Im from the south so ALL my friends are down there! I love to travel and have fun and just want to have some options to make plans with new friends! Please feel free to hit me and lets get to know each other. The more friends the better! Cuz where I am in a small town....well not so easy to make frnds here....people here seem to be a bit more guarded. Since I am a very social person....it is sucking pretty bad for me and I want to pull my hair out haha!

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Hello, I live in Columbus since u are moving two hours away if u come to Columbus feel free to connect with me I will show you a good time (as far as hanging out and gtting aquainted)! Columbus has a variety of hot spots! I enjoy having fun and meeting cool new people! Lemme know!