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Woman sues dating site

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A female is demanding that a dating site screens all its members for sex crimes.
Her lawyer is asking for a temporary injunction barring a dating site from signing up new members until his client's demands are met.
The alleged attack happened, after the second date.
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On 10 October last year a woman was enjoying a night out with friends in Manchester when she was followed on the way home.
Karl Oakes, was found guilty of assault and robbery and was jailed for six years.
There is no reference to the woman's sexual orientation as she had been enjoying a night out with friends in Manchester's gay village. She might have been targeted on the belief that she was gay.
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In North London a woman tracked down an attacker .
Alpha Gray, told the woman his name, age and that he lived near by.
She searched and contacted the police. Gray was convicted in January following a retrial. He was found guilty and was jailed for six years.
The average person can be a DIY detective. In many cases footage on CCTV is not reliable, as the face of the suspect needs to be identified clearly. In cases where the police draw a blank, victims can identify a suspect from memory and search social networks, often with great success.
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Whenever, I go out with friends, we stay together and look after eachother. We take turns in which, one of us will stay sober for the evening, look after belongings and order cabs at the end of the night.