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what happend here?

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As I come back here to LDate over and over 4 years now, I have had some of the best times here meeting really good friends and i met my very first gay love affair hereand was hopeing maybe I might meet my second here but it looks like noone is home here any more, I know all the gay and lesbians are not all happily ina relationship so where is everyone going now for love I was so happy here, is anyone finding anyone here just tell me!!!!




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Wow wish I knew this before I sign up for three months. 

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I just joined the other day, and it seems as though most of the people in Missouri are not on here any more.  Good thing I only signed up for one month.  This is a rip off.  Hopefully I can meat someone a different way.


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1 year ago


I joined this site on 5/4/13 and have had three women view my profile. I had one response from a woman in England, but I live in the USA.

I, too, have been unhappy with the "state" of this site.

Good luck.