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my favourite sleeping dream i have ever had

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here's what I can remember.. I was in this futuristic psych ward where the focus was on freedom and allowing people to come out of their shells without consequence. Patients were very peaceful and happy and it felt like a family. There was this room in between two other rooms without doors. This room had a computer screen floor that either showed you your thoughts or a projection of the nebulae system of outer space. If you focused on a certain point in the system it would zoom in and pan around at will. As I was facing the floor and getting lost in this visualization I began to feel I was one with everything and I began to levitate rotating slowly forward. After practicing a bit I ventured into the living area where some people were watching tv and I began to roll forward into the air slowly levitating in front of other patients/friends. They began laughing in a friendly way because I was upside down and only in a t-shirt, which gives us a look at the nature of this hospital and the freedom from rules within the safety of the walls. I was in a sort of abandonment from structure within the freedom of my wandering thoughts you could say. Then I went to the office and they told me they needed me to take something to test the levels of something in my blood and I told them, "I just levitated." They didn't disturb the flow with a surprised response but just said, "Oh, really?" And I said, "Yeah all you have to do is know that you are everyone and everyone is you." Or something then I began levitating and as people watched I heard angels singing and the scene began to freeze and I saw myself as a young Sim skinny and blond and about 16 blowing out birthday candles and levitating as my friends around the table gasped and laughed in awe. It was floaty and patches were blurry as I floated slightly in and out of the frozen scene thinking I wouldn't mind living this moment forever or dying like this. It then zoomed out until I was on the other side of a window with a bullet hole in it. This happened at a time in my life of feeling pursued by people who wanted to end my freedom. After I see the bullet hole I start to think that this scene is perfect for a movie or something and I hear someone stealing my idea and chasing me to do away with the original copy of the idea or something like this. I hear him singing "Time is money, money money money!" And then I go through twisting stairs and a secret passage until I do wake up and go downstairs to feel safer.…



It was as though the birthday girl hologram was all there was. The date is a guess I had this a few months back