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Fake Profile's

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I have been receiving more fake profile's 

Then real people?  ( WTH ) I'm on another site and

I'm slammed by them at least 4 @ day ? And if I'm on late night they come in quick mostly age 33 Bi no pic and no profile filled out ??


Have any of you had this happen?

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Thanks for your message on fake profiles.. It's crazy and I have as well have them rush and

want to get me toa chat room... I had responded to alot of them ( playing a long and they move on.


Good Luck on finding some one 





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Yes! I happened to me on another site. I look at the profile picture and something just did not seem right. All the pictures of the person were from someone at a carnival on the same day. The woman's finger nails were so long I would say they looked like claws.

The person sending the email was in a heated rush to get things going.

I questioned the photos and asked about the fingernails something like, how do you work with those nail in healthcare??.

The emails totally stopped. It was such a fake!!