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  • author ( 70, Lesbian | Green Bay, WI, USA )

    Nice weather is finally here. How about a picnic with cheese, wine, fruit, & crusty bread? Maybe walk around the park after lunch. Want to toss the Frisbee around?

  • author ( 73, Lesbian | Doncaster, England - Yorkshire, GBR )

    A nice cosy dinner for two & then a walk on the beach, or if one does not live near a beach then how about the park or a show/film

  • author ( 71, Lesbian | Irvington, NJ, USA )

    I think a first date should be in a nice resturant over lunch, to get to know each other, talking about our life in general.

  • author ( 70, Lesbian | Kalispell, MT, USA )

    Going somewhere outdoors is a great starting place. Hiking, going to a beautiful lake or just hanging out at your favorite place. One which inspires you. Later, a cup of coffee or hot chocolate to warm up and plan what i...  see more >>

  • author ( 73, Lesbian | Santa Fe, NM, USA )

    We could go to dinner at a good restaurant where we can get to know each other a bit, and then to a performance of some sort: music, theatre. etc. We'll go dutch, of course.

  • author ( 70, Lesbian | Syracuse, NY, USA )

    I don't believe anything is perfect and besides that the "first date" is always awkward. So on my 1st date I say we drive separate cars and do a dutch non exquisite breakfast, lunch or dinner with ample convers...  see more >>

  • author ( 73, Lesbian | Syracuse, NY, USA )

    I expect to meet a fun and intelligent lady, who is a bit curious and excited. We will laugh, discuss, learn and engage in a new beginning of friendship.

  • author ( 71, Lesbian | Cambridge, MD, USA )

    I would like to spend time with my date in a quiet little restaurant or sitting by the water(in warm weather or maybe a little chilly weather) or in a park where we can be alone even if there are others around us and rea...  see more >>

  • author ( 72, Lesbian | Newport, Wales - Monmouthshire, GBR )

    A perfect first date? What is a perfect first date when you dont know the other person? Being relaxed & honest & not expecting too much. Nice meal is something I'd enjoy most definitely!

  • author ( 72, Bisexual woman | Seattle, WA, USA )

    A quiet independent coffee house that brews excellent espresso and serves wicked-delicious pastries; a table near a window, or al fresco. Just you; just me. Talking. Laughing. Finding our groove.

  • author ( 71, Lesbian | Titusville, FL, USA )

    beach restaurant, dennys for coffee, whatever feels comfortable to both of us. Chatting, getting to know each other, laughing at ourselves and with each other, open and honest communication.

  • author ( 70, Lesbian | Milford, OH, USA )

    Having drinks or coffee and listening to some great music like Jazz while we really get to talk and learn about each other.

  • author ( 74, Lesbian | Greensboro, NC, USA )

    A first meeting over a drink allows for either a quick departure (if things are not going well) or a segue into dinner (if things are going well). I would suggest a bar that is connected to a fine dining restaurant. My h...  see more >>

  • author ( 70, Lesbian | Tucson, AZ, USA )

    A nice quiet dinner, with a glass of wine and good conversation getting to know one another in a quaint little diner.

  • author ( 76, Lesbian | Frisco, TX, USA )

    My ideal 1St date would be meeting for coffee and talking to learn about each other and to see if wy are compatible. Dinner at a quiet place would also be a good start. I say quiet because I have found that most places h...  see more >>